Step 7: We Come Together, Right Now, Over Free

It's time to put all the subsections together, yay!

A portion that is not pictured is the switch and regulator circuit, I placed these just under the Battery holder at the front of the bot, the wiring diagram of this circuit is pictured along with the wiring diagram of the entire bot after it (sorry it's not very easy to see, but you get the gist of it).

I didn't end up documenting the way I put it all together but I don't think it matters that much anyway, it was just a bunch of hot glue and besides I'd like to see some bots that are uniquely different than mine. Maybe someone will even solder the entire circuit on a protoboard and save the cash on the servo testers, that'd be sweet. I'm sure some cheap 555 based protoboards will start appearing soon after the hype of the 555contest so it might make things easier. The sky is the limit...well maybe the edge of your metal surface of choice in this case :)

Good luck with your robots, and if you build this please let me know what kind of things you've done with your bot, I'd really like to hear about it!