Controlling physical stuff is fun!

Theme Park of Everyday enables you to create fun physical installations that anyone can control with a smartphone. Your installation could be anything controllable with an Arduino.

And your work can be installed anywhere! Imagine things like a hidden sign atop a traffic signal, a bubble machine hidden in a playground, pinwheels in a store window that are static until you control them with your smart phone or even a scavenger hunt for your friends!

Help create everyday fun with hidden installations around the world.

In this Instructable you'll discover how easy it is to integrate your installation into the Theme Park of Everyday by building a simple servo controlled otter that pops out of the grass when you rotate your phone.

Step 1: Gather the Parts

The Theme Park of Everyday is powered by the LightBlue Bean.

The Bean is a Bluetooth Low Energy Arduino based microcontroller. Once you've built your installation, you'll register it so it appears in PocketPark, the iOS companion app for the Theme Park of Everyday.

Parts needed to build Otter in the Grass:

You can use any servo you might have lying around and any battery holder that uses 2 AA batteries. In this example, I used a laser cutter and OpenBeam to create the otter the grass. But you can use anything you have sitting around!

The Bean runs at 3.3v, not 5v.

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