Step 6: How to clip onto your cars existing Cruise Control Wires in the Steering Column

Here's how to clip onto your cars cruise control.
All car manufacturers use the same concept, resistors, but each manufacturer uses different resistors.

There are several ways to figure out which wires to use, and what the resistor values are:
There are four ways, but if you are lucky you will only need the first way.
I have listed them in order of hardness, easy first.

1) First look here to see if your car is listed.

or 2) Take apart your cruise-buttons (in the steering wheel) and use an ohm meter as you press the SET, DECEL, RESUME buttons. Trace the wires to under the dash past a thing called a "REEL" (fancy name for brush).

or 3) Go to your library, ask to use the computer which has a goofy database called,
"ALLDATA". For example, I live in Memphis, and here is some info on ours.
In ALLDATA, look under cruise control. It will show the resistors for the SET, DECEL, RESUME functions of the cruise control. Write down the color of the wires and the resistor values.

or 4) Tell me your car and I will look it up for you.


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