Picture of Build a Gaming Computer
Today I'll be showing you how to put together an awesome gaming rig. Granted, it's not much different than building a regular PC but there are a few tips & recommendations I have for you guys. Before we begin, let's discuss what you'll need.


-CPU (Central Processing Unit, or processor)
The single most important part of your machine. This is the brain of your computer, computing everything from word processing the the physics in your hardcore shooter games.
-RAM (Random Access Memory)
This stores everything that is being used in real-time. When the computer is off, RAM is empty.
-Graphics Card
For a gaming PC, you will need a discrete (seperate) graphics card. Using the onboard chipsets of motherboards and integrated graphics of processors just won't cut it when slaughering dragons in Skyrim.
-Hard Drive
This is where the operating system (Windows), your games, music, and videos are stored! You need this (kinda.)
-PSU (Power Supply Unit)
Pretty straight forward, this supplies power to every component in the computer.
-Optical Drive
This is for your DVDs and CDs
Everything connects to the motherboard in some way. It connects components the way roads connect people.

For recommendations regarding the above parts, I recommend visiting the forums.
NOTE: This list does not include the OS (Operating System)

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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
All the tools you need, if any, is a standard Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 2: Open the case

Picture of Open the case
Unscrew the thumbscrews on either side of the case to open both sides up.

Step 3: Install the CPU

Picture of Install the CPU
install cpu.png
Remove the CPU from its protective plastic. Do NOT touch the gold pins on bottom! On the motherboard, push the cpu cover up and then the lever on the side. Place the the CPU in gently, using the arrows to line it up correctly. Then push the CPU cover down firmly but not roughly. It will fell quite hard. This is normal.

Step 4: Add the Heatsink

Picture of Add the Heatsink
The heastsink will fit right over the processor. It has 4 screws (sometimes tool less tabs) that will have to be secured.
Ringer151511 months ago
That is a lot of GPU's in the cover photo!
Really, austin evans
Gamer Guy1 year ago
Youtube vid link?
G-Vicarey1 year ago
You clearly lack any real knowledge in this subject. You never said to use electro static pads or wrist straps, and you stole from another persons video.
Both the pads and wrist straps are overkill if you know what you're doing.
A simple touch to a large metal object will do the trick. unless you live in a house full of cats and plastic objects, you should be fine.
this is how to build a computer and not how to build a gaming computer
useless you don't talk about different sockets cpu and graphics makes what speed of parts or anything that is really needed
Ranie-K1 year ago
So these are all screen-shots from someone else's video? Did you get that persons expressed consent to post them here?