Step 9: Mark positions of the remaining deck beams

Picture of Mark positions of the remaining deck beams
We have already marked the positions of three of our deck beams. Now we need to mark the positions of the remaining deck beams. Do all the marking on the top edge of the gunwales.

Make a mark 24 inches from the bow and another 24 inches from the stern. Make another mark 1-1/2 inches toward the center of the gunwales. This will be the position of deck beams 1 and 11. Label them on each gunwale.

Space deck beams 2 and 3 evenly between deck beams 1 and the footbrace which is deck beam 4.

Space deck beam 5 halfway between deck beams 4, the foot brace and deck beam 6, the knee brace.

Space deck beams 8, 9 and 10 evenly between deck beam 7, the back brace and deck beam 11.
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