Step 14: Install the forward deck stringers

Cut the forward deck stringer to span from deck beam 6, the knee brace to deck beam 4. Position the deck stringers so they are about 4 to 6 inches in from the gunwales. Dowel them to the deck beams using 1/4 inch dowels
 I was wondering Do I remove the spacers that the keelson rested on once the Stem & Stern boards are on? 
<p>Did you ever get an answer for this question? I am wondering the same thing..</p><p>doug357@q.com</p>
What do you recommend for a seat? As drawn it looks like the paddler will be sitting on the ribs
There's a bunch of seats featured on my blog here.<br>http://skinboatjournal.blogspot.com/2012/07/kayak-seats.html<br>hope that helps. Thicker foam is more comfortable but raises your center of gravity. half inch to three quarter inch foam is what I prefer.
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Yay, part 6!! :-)

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