Picture of Build a Kitchen PC
After listening to my wife tell how hard it is to keep track of recipes I decided to build a under the counter PC as a Kitchen PC. But I put some restrictions on the build.

-Keep Build cost to minimum
-Use Parts from around house when possible
-Keep Counters clear of Clutter
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Step 1: Monitor

Picture of Monitor
 Use LCD monitor. Cost $0

Step 2:

Picture of
 Mini Computer and Case. Cost $0

Step 3: Mounting LCD

Picture of Mounting LCD
 Under cabinet LCD monitor mount. Cost on eBay $20.50

Step 4: Monitor mounted

Picture of Monitor mounted

Step 5: Wireless is best!

Picture of Wireless is best!
If you don't mind the batteries then use a Wireless Keyboard and mouse to connect to your computer. Wireless internet adapters are also great! 

Step 6: Connect it all together.

Picture of Connect it all together.
I suggest testing it all before drilling the holes for the cables. The computer was set ontop but I sill need to run the cables. This LCD mount can be adjusted to turn any direction.