Build a LCD Viewfinder for Cheap





Introduction: Build a LCD Viewfinder for Cheap

In my first english speaking tutorial I want to show you, how to build your own viewfinder for around 15€ - looking and working like a professional product! This little thing helps you on using your DSLR camera for recording video. With it's great possibilities DSLRs are used more and more in filming - but still missing the original viewfinder of a videocamera.

You just need:

- black foam board
- Bresser Autoswing-Magnifier 3x/42x31mm
- pipe seal

And if you want to build the viewfinder for your Canon twi/550D you can use this template I created:

Have fun and feel free to make comments/criticsm!
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    4 Discussions

    Nice job, I just wanted something to see my Digital screen in the bright sunlight, I dont think I need to magnify it.

    I think they want way too much to buy these things online.

    Very interesting.

    I give you an idea, without charging you anything: if you add subtitles, you will gain a lot of people like me, that can understand English when reading it, but not when hearing it. I can assure you that we are millions! Around all the world.

    2 replies

    Hey rimar 2000,
    thanks for your first comment :)
    I thought if there are millions - using subtitles is a "must do". So I directly wrote subtitles in youtube. Now take a look again and turn it on! Greetings from Germany!

    Excellent captions, Jano!

    Your idea is very good, I need to make something like this for my still camera, to see the image in the screen when the scene is sunny.

    My source of cheap convergent lenses are these asian reading glasses. They are very cheap, easy to find and good quality for my needs.