Introduction: Build a Lego Hamster House!

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My hamster loves it. I think its the dark spaces and tunnels that it likes.

Step 1: Materials

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You'll need LOL!

Lots of Lego!


I was luckey enough to get my dad's classic red and white bricks, baseplates and windows.

Step 2: Ground Floor

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3 base plates long, 7 bricks tall. Also put the stairs in at the end.

Step 3: 1st Floor

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Put base plates on as shown and build up. Leave out a panel on the roof so it can get out onto the roof. More floors can be added but i didn't have enough bricks.


peepee4 (author)2011-11-27

i had 4 hammies but they died ;(

hungyhipo 2 (author)2010-05-03

not the greatest idea in terms of hamsters health and the size but keep trying and thinking of other ideas

I disagree, the way the lego fits together means that the hamster has nothing to chew on, meaning there are no health hazards. It is plenty big enough for my Syrian hamster and it is not stressed as it would stay in there for hours if it could. When presented with the house it happily runs in, especially if food is scattered around.

but any loose bricks (legos usually come apart) will be a hasard to cutting your hamster or letting him ingest plastic

Colourful (author)hungyhipo 22011-03-10

Hungyhipo, do you know anything about hamsters? I'm completely with the author here, this is fine for a hamster, what do you think other hamster cages (you know the ones with little tunnels and balls and things) are made of, magic?

alex109711 (author)Colourful2011-06-21

the hamster tubes are alot stronger than legos.but there fine if there is no problems if thay arnt lose

MikeandNancy (author)hungyhipo 22010-08-20

My son built a Lego house for my daughter's hamster and the critter enjoyed it every day of his life. I worried a bit about chewing but when we'd wash the cage we'd check and there was never any evidence of chewing.

 The design of the house means that bricks cannot fall off or inside. And I personally challenge you to cut yourself with a lego brick (it's never going to happen). Also, hamsters don't ingest plastic when and if the chew on it, they spit it out.

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