Build a MONSTER BIKE! the World's Heaviest!





Introduction: Build a MONSTER BIKE! the World's Heaviest!

This video instructable shows you how to build a copy of the World's heaviest bike.

The big green monster weighs in at approximately 2200lbs and was built for Discovery Channel's "Supersize Week". It took 10 days to build and stands tall at just over 7'.

I built the bike for under $500 using easily obtainable materials that were picked from various metal recycling yards.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

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    hands down the coolest instruct able yet !

    :D its crazy.

    Awesome build and great detail. Thank you for documenting and sharing!

    I would love to see some written documentation on this awesome build! And a video of it riding around would be awesome to see as well!

    1 reply

    I will do some writing for it today.

    As for the video of it riding, there's a link to the Discovery Channel website posted in my first comment. They documented the test drive and aired in on TV two weeks ago, I do not own the rights to that video and I cannot re-upload it to my YouTube channel for copyright reasons.

    This bike was built to take a Guinness World Record for "The World's Heaviest Ride-able Bike". I'm currently waiting for an official from Guinness to visit and verify the record in a few weeks, until then - I'm not allowed to show any other footage of it driving... besides it's test drive that aired on Discovery Channel.