Picture of Build a Mini-Walking Bot
Here's a simple project for sci-tech families. A Mini Walking Bot using a some ROBOTIX parts, PICXAXE microcontroller,and a Handy Cricket

Step 1: Building the Mini-Walking Bot. Here are the parts for building the bot

Picture of Building the Mini-Walking Bot. Here are the parts for building the bot
ROBOTIX parts for Mini Walking Robot (L) Elbow connectors, Wheel Foot(s), Arms (75mm), 2 Legged Walker, Drive Axle, and Low Speed Motor
agis686 years ago
Nice project but my eye focused in the control panel with the breadboard u have. WOW!!! Where u get this stuff? I want it!!! PLZ tell me some details about
I also HAD one.
 radio shack. i have one too
Mrdon219 (author)  littlepetry5 years ago
Its a nice system for breadboarding projects. Check out my Synapse-Wireless web page for additional breadboarding projects. http://www.family-science.net/Synapse_Wireless.htm

Mrdon219 (author) 7 years ago
Thanks for the review science_geek1. Sorry for the lack of further detail instruction: first time using the website. MrDon219
cool but explain better
robotix7 years ago
Mrdon219 (author) 8 years ago
You can find a video of this project on my blog:<http://family-science.net/Blog.htm>

andy608 years ago
i wanna see a vid : )
Mrdon219 (author)  andy608 years ago
I'm working a small video clip that I will post on TeacherTube (like You Tube but for educators). I should have it available next week.
how are we ment to make the arms and such
Mrdon219 (author)  joedacoolguy8 years ago
This project was designed to study the gaits of a table top walking bot. An arm can easily be added to this bot using additional parts from the ROBOTIX construction kits.
can you make it without the ROBOTIX parts oh i forgot to say that is pretty rad
Mrdon219 (author)  joedacoolguy8 years ago
With the appropriate mechanical parts like gears and plastic fab pieces, its very possible to be such a walking bot from scratch. The ROBOTIX kit allows for quick prototying of bots.
raygeeknyc8 years ago
Hey can you post a video of this in action? It looks to be great but a video is worth 36,000 words!
Mrdon219 (author) 9 years ago
The Mini-Walking Bot is controlled using 2 small microcontroller devices: PICAXE microcontroller, and a Handy Cricket