Picture of Build a Motorized Uniwheel Toy Thing (Mutt)
Warning: cd rotors can be dangerous, one of mine exploded because it was cracked. I now don't recommend this project for children.
Building a Mutt (http://www.instructables.com/id/Motorized-Uniwheel-Toy-Thing-Mutt/) is great fun, doesn't take but a few dollars in parts, doesn't require any special tools. The following steps show how to build one. If you don't have exactly the same components, then improvise, thats what I did.

Required tools:
Needle nose pliers, screw driver, drill.
Required materials:
jump rope (the one that has metal bearings)
an old dvd/cd player (computer or otherwise) from which you will scavage:
        - motor, motor pulley, motor drive belt, rubber grommets
Erector set type metal strips 
plastic coated hanger
two small wheels, beads, metal washers
9 volt battery and battery connector
one electric slide switch

Construction time: about 3 to 4 hours

Step 1: Jump Rope Wheel Bearing

Picture of Jump Rope Wheel Bearing
Remove the soft covering from both jump rope handles.
Remove the end caps, push the rope out the open ends and cut them off.
You will be using both end caps and one of the handle tubes to make the wheel bearing.
AATHIS3 years ago
Emara3 years ago
Good job!
JimRD (author)  Emara3 years ago
Thank you!
kroner3 years ago
Nice instructions.

Great toy for kids and simple to make with recycled parts but I do have 1 critisim. The title says it is a "Uniwheel" toy which suggest a single wheel (unicycle = 1 wheel, bicycle = 2 wheels, etc, etc) when in fact the pictures show 3, making it a tricycle.

Other than that tiny observation, great job.

JimRD (author)  kroner3 years ago
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, you are right, it is a tricycle. But when it gets up to speed I believe for a few instances it really rides on one wheel, at least that was my purpose for building it. The rear wheels should act like training wheels until it gets going fast then hopefully they will pull up off the ground. in reality the little toy probably doesn't have enough torque to make that happen but I can only hope.
Also you can run this without the wheels and it will bounce around from axle to axle.
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alii4 years ago
vishalapr4 years ago
Well done, have a look at my ible entered in the LED contest
"Star-Wars X-Wing 2"
Rated 5*
jjaydam4 years ago
That is a great Job
JimRD (author)  jjaydam4 years ago
Thank you! It was fun.
Longbowman4 years ago

I like this type of creative ideas

**** stars for you
JimRD (author)  Longbowman4 years ago
Thank you!
Am waiting for a radio control airplane kit to arrive so I can use the gear to build Mutt 3 which will have directional control. Maybe have it working in a few weeks.