Step 6: Placing the DVD/CD drive

Picture of Placing the DVD/CD drive
I decided to use heavy-duty duct tape to fix the optical drive to the top of the case. Slimline optical drives are very light, so the tape worked fine. I had to cut off a part of the case (check the picture) to fit the drive.
mcgavinz262 years ago
I made a couple cases like this. Welding/soldering with ABS plastic also looks good with some practice.
Here's an idea. Rather than using duct tape, I'd probably try some double sided foam stick tape.
The bad thing about using foam tape is that it conducts heat. In a tight space like this heat is your enemy
jamerperson4 years ago
Using duct tape is a good "temporary" solution for getting the slimline drive up there. There are a few problems with it though. after a while. You run the risk of it falling if you move it around to much, also the tape wont last forever. Another big problem, probably the worst is in this type of situation, the duct tape will actually retain a little amount of heat, something that you want the least amount as possible. one last point is after to long the duct tape will eventually start to come off a bit, when it does, and your running a disc inside the drive, the drive may move around, not allowing the drive to read the disc correctly. I recommend securing the Drive to the top of the machine in some other way.
lamberticus5 years ago
I've used heavy duty adhesive velcro for things that get a lot of wear and tear and it's lasted years! Duct tape will start to get dry and crumble stuff all inside the case once it does.
nice idea with the velcro, will also give a few mm of airspace and is a lot easier than building an entire chassis!
zwollner8 years ago
LOL duct tape.
:) lol. that grey length of wtf ever it duckt tape is made out of a bailing wire are the corner stones off america!!! like how that dvd drive fits perfect n the old game slot
Kolovision6 years ago
i wonder if theres a way of getting that lid to open automatically when the drive starts to open
Put it on hinges, the DVD drive could probably push it open.
never thought of that. makes sense
 the lid would drag on the disc and it might damage it. and thats the side you REALLY do not want to scratch. mmmmmmmmmm
H3xx Rotten1945 years ago
It's already on hinges, just put a small triangle shaped mount on the lid to make the drive push it open.