Step 6: Secure the Rubber on Top

Secure the rubber on top and do the same thing like the previous step.
<p>do it in slow-mo</p>
<p>you should make a video of how to shoot it</p>
I once made a video but never actually did anything with it. The thing was too fast for the camera (back then 640x480 video) I guest 120fps could be useful!
i had pogs when i was 5. i had no clue what to do with them lol
Where does it throw?
You'll shoot your eye out kid!!! <br>
Im 13nand I know POGs. I was in an antique shop and there was a box full of them and they looked cool so i got it and started learning about them.
nice <br>
What are pogs?
isnt it who is a pog???????????/<br>i m confused<br><br>
at first in the 50s they were glass milk bottle tops (u know the ones that a milkman delivered back when milk was delivered and then the wife would...) <br /> lol<br /> <br /> so... back then, toys for kids were bikes, baseball bats, jacks and... what we call pogs!!<br /> same principle but way older. they even made classic pogs to recreate the look and feel of prehistoric milk bottle caps<br /> <br /> how to play...<br /> 1. put a stack of pogs in front of you (half yours and half opponent's)<br /> 2. take a metal, or plastic pog (slammer) and make it hit the stack. (it has to land flat on the stack otherwise it's cheating, way too easy!!)<br /> 3. the ones that flipped over are yours! (when you play for ante)<br /> <br /> simple no?<br /> <br /> my brother made a fortune selling his, and i still have mine!! lolol!! i have all purple official game pogs and a nice collection of fake ones, all mint! never played with them!<br />
ooo i forgot... i have a pog of the pickup truck i drive now!! how lame is that??<br /> <br /> i sprayed it with new car smell and it's hanging from my rear view mirror!<br />
pogs are toys. and its really cool(people invented this thing called wikipedia, and if you go there, and type in for say "pog" i wonder what will come up" :) i never seen/heard of them.
Get off the internet right now. They are only the greatest things invented by man.
Mabye the wheel's twin!
finally I have something to do with those relics of my childhood!
nice 5 stars
pogs. I remember them. We had a pog maker that you used to put pictures of yourself one them. They are AWESOME!
oops. It should be yourself on them sorry
ive heard of pogs but never seen them... but it wasn't in my time so ive got an excuse.
Jen avais tout plein des pug quand jétais plus petit:'( Mais jai ais tout vendu! Dommage, mais merci quand meme pour lidée jvais men construire avec du carton ou du petit metal! -Nick-
I made one with plastic clothes-pin
dude i haven't seen pogs in like 13 years
Christ. I haven't played with my POGs in centuries it feels like. Nice instructable too, lol.
Yay Sherbrooker! I was born there!! =D<br/><br/>Very nice Istructable! I used to have these Pogs, and I had no clue how to play with them.... LOL<br/><br/>-gamer<br/>
What if you don't have any pogs? Could you make some out of thin cardboard?
Yes my friend! I recommend thick cardboard. You can try thin if you want. It will work.
Sweet! Will try!
pogs are awsome! my dad lived in korea for a while, and they were really popular in 92 there. He gave me loads of them!
pogs? never heard that
:O POGS!!! I have a pile of those somewhere, and I am so going to make this! Awesome instructable! Excellent pictures as well!
OMG pogs!
Well done! +5 Rating Doc

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