Picture of Build a PVC and bamboo seed planter
Gardeners and farmers can save their backs and plant seeds without stooping over when they use this handmade seed planter. Thai rice farmers had a hand in the design, but it could be used with other seeds.

The seeder is built from low-cost materials - mostly PVC pipe and bamboo. And, if you have them, you can use power tools to make it, but hand tools, including a machete, will work fine, too.

A team from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is developing the seeder with rice farmers in Bo Klua, a community in rural Thailand. They've partnered with a local Thai organization called the Sustainable Development Research Foundation and produced a construction guide in English and Thai.

Both versions are available for free download.
English manual

Alex Moseson, a sustainable development engineer and an assistant teaching professor at Drexel who heads the project, has asked Instructables and E4C users for ideas and tips on how to improve it. He would also like to see people modify the design to suit their own farming and gardening needs.

As such, Moseson gave the seeder a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial license.

For more on the seeder and the project in Bo Klua, please see the Drexel team's site.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
These are the materials in each part and we'll show how to make the parts.

Handle: PVC or bamboo
Slide pipe: PVC
Diverter: Wood or bamboo
Spear: Metal rod
Funnel: Wood or bamboo
Chute: Sheet metal
Slant chute block: Wood or bamboo
Flat Chute block: Wood or bamboo
Stopper: PVC
Reinforcement ring: PVC
Screw, rubberband

Tape measure
Pencil or marker
Sheet metal shears

Optional tools
Vice, angle grinder, power drill and a machete

Step 2: What it looks like

Picture of What it looks like
In this series you see the exploded view, the planting mechanism from four different angles, a cut-away view of the seed "counter" inside the mechanism and the last image shows the spring loader in action.

Now to make the parts...
antioch1 year ago
Awesome idea! (although I got totally lost trying trying to follow the steps or even figuring out how this will actually work, haha)