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My friends and I enjoy playing paintball out in the Arizona desert on occasion. It’s great fun, but sometimes pelting someone with a couple hundred paintballs traveling at 300 feet per second just isn’t enough. Sometimes you just need something extra…. So I built the paintball mine that you will see in this instructable!
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Step 1: Concept

Picture of Concept
cross Section B.jpg
This paintball mine is based (i.e. ripped-off) from a patent I found online. (US # 6,688,234 B2) Browsing patents online is a great way to come up with cool ideas for your own projects! The mine is a small canister that you bury in the ground, filled with liquid paint. A standard 12 gram CO2 cartridge is inserted upside down into the canister. A top with a plunger centered over the cartridge is screwed on. When someone steps on the plunger the cartridge is pierced, pressurizing the canister and expelling the paint. I feel the original patent has a simple, but serious design flaw. Look at Diagram #1 below.  When the CO2 is released it follows the path of least resistance, and blasts directly out of the holes, carrying some, but not all, of the paint with it. It also tends to create more of a thin “aerosol spray” with the paint. Diagram #2 shows my design, which adds tubes/nozzles in the holes with a small gap beneath them. When the CO2 is released, it cannot travel down to the tubes, so instead it pressurizes the canister, forcing almost all of the paint out before it can escape out through the tubes. This results in more of the paint being expelled in a thicker and more forceful stream. 
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Kronicbrawlr 5 months ago
What's the cost for materials ?
bgregory57 months ago
that barrel is somewhat rare, it's a really nicely made j&j .
fordchick11 months ago

awesome you have to dig deep

Team_Omega1 year ago

Very nice build, but I will suggest a larger activation point, such as a "plate" drilled with countless holes that let the marking paint pass through. Other than that, It looks great.

lguarnieri1 year ago
great idea
Dude that is awesome
alex jaiden2 years ago
U r smart is it ok if I make 1 for a vid on YouTube I will give u all credit
NinjaBoy122 years ago
Any chance this works witth airsoft bb's
Dude- why not try it, and report back to us? kaptaink_cg went to the trouble of writing this 'ible; he probably would have mentioned bb's if he tried them... but that is where you can help out. For Science!
And because now I'm curious too :-)
love it,work's great go to my profile if u want a paintball game mode
RC Guy2 years ago
Hey i tried the out works great
i had a mod that i made i used thin membraned balloon fixed on each of the outflow pipes and then i just incresed the canister size for 12 to 50gms and ta da
the pressure filled in the balloons and the exploded spreading the paint over a larger area
The Sensei2 years ago
to modify this to use it with a trip wire, you could replace the plunger with a solid piece holding a spring compressed and held by a safety pin. wire is tied to the pin, wire gets tripped, pin pulls out releasing the spring to drive it into the cartridge. super simple and effective
deobomb3 years ago
its adapter not adpater lolollol
ilpug deobomb3 years ago
It's "LOL" not "lolollol."
Nicely done, m'sieur
i think that it would be better without the 4 spray tubes because without thhem you could get a wider range and possibly get more people, just my thoughts
kaptaink_cg (author)  thatoneguy1122334 years ago
Without the 4 tubes, you can't truly "pressurize" the chamber. You'll probably get a bigger spray radius, but the CO2 will take the path of least resistance out, meaning it will just go straight for the holes and will leave at least half the paint behind.
What if you used cones or something?
Vulcanator5 years ago
Please tell me what website i can go to so i can look at patents.
kaptaink_cg (author)  Vulcanator5 years ago
Try:  http://www.google.com/patents

There are others as well.. Just google "Patent search"
edfel014 years ago
made this and i worked awesome the only problem was since their foot covered all the tubes thats all the paint hit. Good Instructable though
lime3D edfel013 years ago
You could modify this so that instead of shooting straight up, is shot out through a side pipe (maybe a foot or so) before turning up with an elbow.
ok, im not 100% clear on what the union is, i looked for it on home depot website, and even on google but none of those look like the union you have
just go 2 a local hardware store and you should be able to find one... and if you dont know what a union is you probably shouldn't be doing this because you have never worked with any of these materials.
a union is also called a coupler
Technically, a union is a coupler that comes apart in the center with a threaded joint. This allows you to weld or solder (in the case of steel and copper pipe) or glue (PVC) sections of pipe together, and still be able to disassemble them. This is sometimes necessary when you have several threaded connections, each one of them needed to be threaded in the same direction!
everyone starts somewhere :)
ya true
go to you hardware store and ask for a schedule 40 pvc coupler
the piece of pvc that allows you to connect two picese of pvc the same size together
i found it under pvc connecter
kaptaink_cg (author)  karatedude435 years ago
The union is also called a coupler. It joins two pieces of pipe together. On the Home Depot website it's called "1/2 In. PVC Coupling Model # 429-005HC"
KontaKt3 years ago
How are you supposed to bury this thing without any of it showing but not have the spraying tubes underground?
Instead of using a PVC pipe cutter i just use a hack saw.
Another good idea is to make a tripmine. You connect a wire to the Co2 thingie, which goes into the nail, and then when the Co2 moves up the tube, it goes through a tube surrounded by paint, which goes into the barrel too. (I dont know what principal :P) It then comes out and hits a thin mesh, which spreads it thinner. This will spray anyone who trips the line. And maybe some other people too.
Aron3133 years ago
Whyd you post this in an airsoft group?
john2093 years ago
I working on a tripwire version of this mine, I going to post it when I'm done, I just started the prototype a day or two ago.
kaptaink_cg (author)  john2093 years ago
Nice! Can't wait to see it. I had always planned on doing a tripwire one,but still havent gotten around to it.
Aron3133 years ago
Thats why i like airsoft because i can go home and lay on the couch after a game and i dont have paint all over me. I also like the airsoft mines better!
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