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Project description

Make your own 3D printed Lockable Container! In this lesson plan, you will 3D model (and eventually 3D print) your very own locking bank or note jar.Tinkercad is an amazing and free tool powerful enough to create 3D digital files you can use in the classroom, at home and in your work. When you are done, these 3D printable parts will delight the maker in you!

The project includes 3 lessons each about 45 minutes. Previous completion of “Let’s Learn Tinkercad” is recommended. Log in, have fun, and get ready to learn!

Step 1: Model Your Locking Container Lid

Let’s start by creating the top lid of the bank container.

Let’s get started!


  1. Place a cylinder on the workplane and make it 80x80x3mm.
  2. Continue to next step.

<p>does it lock</p>

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