Step 17: Technical Drawing

Below is a drawing I made today of the final stove. It's been a couple of years since I put it together, so think this through before you start sawing as I might have messed up the dimensions.

The construction is basically:

* Cut out pieces. I started with 7 16" x 24" panels, but some of them weren't that great and being able to cut away parts of them was a bonus. The scrap just goes out with next week's cardboard recycling.

- 2 16"x24"x1" panels ("A"),
- 2 16"x21"x1" panels ("B")
- 3 11"x24"x1"  panels ("C")
- 1 18" x 22" x 1/8" (plus tabs and hinge) oven floor panel. 

* glue and tape 2 C's (bottom back, bottom front) and 2 B's (sides) to make a 4-walled structure.
* set the oven floor across that box. Do a better job with the hinge than I did.
* glue and tape 2 As (top back, stovetop).
* attach the final C to the hinge.
* bungee cord it.
* add the bells and whistles.

As mentioned I haven't tried standing on the play stove, but I've sat on it. It can certainly hold a couple of hundred pounds. I will be interested to see what other things people can make with laminated cardboard!
Hey congratulations on winning Scoochmaroo Challenge: Reuse!!!
Thanks! I think I should let my daughter have the T-shirt...
Well that might be nice, but I bet she's going to want you to build her something else cool with the MakeDo stuff. :D Then photograph the two of you making it, while she's in the tee shirt. Then (dramatic music here) dad of the year!!
This is amazing. I am so in awe! I love that they got to help too. I bet they are soooo proud. And you can tell them that the Food Editor of Insructables is totally jealous of their new stove.
Thanks! It is actually the same kid all pictures. Like caitlinsdad says, they grow up fast!
This is lovely well done!!
Man, kids grow up too fast. Cardboard salvaged from boxes makes a great material to work with. I buy bottles of glue by the gallon too. I usually try to alter the direction of the corrugation for each layer to get rid of some of that flex. I think covering your work with plastic kept the moisture in your glue from evaporating and that is why it took so long to dry. You could make a nice laminated cardboard 2x4 to take out an intruder or something. You could have primed your work and then let the kids paint or decorate it for another rainy day activity.
Great build, it looks really sturdy. Thanks for sharing!

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