Build a Play Stove from Recycled Laminated Cardboard


Step 17: Technical Drawing

Picture of Technical Drawing
Below is a drawing I made today of the final stove. It's been a couple of years since I put it together, so think this through before you start sawing as I might have messed up the dimensions.

The construction is basically:

* Cut out pieces. I started with 7 16" x 24" panels, but some of them weren't that great and being able to cut away parts of them was a bonus. The scrap just goes out with next week's cardboard recycling.

- 2 16"x24"x1" panels ("A"),
- 2 16"x21"x1" panels ("B")
- 3 11"x24"x1"  panels ("C")
- 1 18" x 22" x 1/8" (plus tabs and hinge) oven floor panel. 

* glue and tape 2 C's (bottom back, bottom front) and 2 B's (sides) to make a 4-walled structure.
* set the oven floor across that box. Do a better job with the hinge than I did.
* glue and tape 2 As (top back, stovetop).
* attach the final C to the hinge.
* bungee cord it.
* add the bells and whistles.

As mentioned I haven't tried standing on the play stove, but I've sat on it. It can certainly hold a couple of hundred pounds. I will be interested to see what other things people can make with laminated cardboard!
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