Picture of Build a Ported Guitar Cabinet
(Build this at your own risk. There's lots of money to be wasted with bad woodworking skills, and lots of fingers to loose with misuse of the equipment.)

I was hoping to buy a Mesa Boogie Thiele guitar cabinet, but the price blew me away! So after weeks of searching, I found plans for a very similar cab.

The Mesa Thiele and the EV (ElectroVoice) TL806 are almost exactly the same. Many people on forums that i browsed through believe Mesa copied EV's plans for the Thiele. (They are open sourced, so it doesn't matter anyway)

The only major difference is that Mesa switched a few dimensions on their cab so it would have a flush fit under the Mark III amp head. But they maintained the internal volume of 1.3 ft, which is the most critical part.

I will be building mine with an extension on each side so it fits under my Peavey 5150, but i will not be changing any dimensions! Just adding two extra "enclosures". They were my idea, but feel free to use them, or discard them. *If you use them, be sure you make them the width of your amp head!!!* (the 5150 is relatively small compared to marshalls)

Enough words! get started! (after you read the whole thing of course.....)
There's easier ways to make cabs. that seems like a lot of work
-Syrus-3 years ago
Great instructable nevertheless! :)

I'm going to try and make one too.
I already have made a 10' cab, which is slightly slanted.
It is also ported in the back and loaded with a Celestion UK g10s50, from a Rivera amp :P
-Syrus-3 years ago
Any good hardware store, like home-depot has these grill's for sale.
Usually a tad bit bigger then what you need. I personally like it on my small VOX VT30 amp.

Though I wish they had painted it flat-black like: http://www.rockpalace.com/gfx_productcode/100415/Vox-AD30VTXL-Valvetronic-XL.jpg

You might want to try that, its durable and acoustically perfect. Just don't get it to resonate ;) because that sucks obviously.
-Syrus-3 years ago
A speaker cable has two iron cores, where a signal / instrument cable has one core and shielding woven around that core.

Using a speaker cable as guitar cable will result in hum, using a guitar cable as speaker cable will result in a blown fuse if you're lucky or worse a blown tranny of it could even melt and potentially cause a fire.

Best is just to stick with using cables for what they are designed to do.
gmoon5 years ago
I bet this would be featured--if you included a photo of the finished cab (tolexed, and with a grill...) Great job, BTW.
iamtoats (author)  gmoon5 years ago
I didnt do that to this one yet... I still need to order the grill cloth, and will most likely use truck bed liner for the covering. (Paints right on) thanks. Edit: I added as much as I could.
ampRiser6 years ago
Thankx for the comment, I would be honored If you were to LINK to my Instructable! p.s. You and Your Uncle did a Great job on those cabinets, they look Very professional!!! Frederick @ampRiser.com Instructables.com/ampRiser Youtube.com/ampRiser myspace.com/ampRiser