In this Instructable I'm going to outline the steps my partner Tina and I took when we were figuring out this build. We were hired by a film company to make a prop clock (the clock had a very specific look - that's why they didn't just buy one from an antique shop). If you need any clarification on any of the steps please leave a comment and I'll try to clear it up.

Here is a list of the materials and tools we used:

  1. Drill press
  2. Biscuit joiner
  3. Table saw
  4. Mitre saw
  5. Router
  6. Crown Stapler
  7. Scribes, pencils
  8. Tape measure
  9. Panel saw
  10. Pin nailer
  1. 1" thick x 8" wide x 96" long smooth oak plank
  2. various types of trim
  3. various clock parts
  4. wood glue
  5. 1 1/4" crown staples
  6. #20 biscuits
  7. MoldStar 30 Silicone
  8. SmoothCast 325 Resin

Step 1: Sketching

Let's talk about sketching. The first sketch we received was from the designer Greg Chown (you can see other work by Mr. Chown here). Tina will take the initial sketch and make a 3D sketch (using GOOGLE Sketch Up - it's free and really easy to use!). This serves a number of purposes: we can show our client a fairly accurate depiction of what the end result should look like, we can keep a record of the build and most importantly it really helps us start to figure out what materials we will need and the angles or lengths of cuts, etc.

The sketch with the red arrows was to show our client the actual parts that we selected from a manufacturer, to get approved.
thats a real work of art! well done. quite steampunkish too - something I am just getting into now. brilliant instructable. was the top dome made from a pudding basin?
I loved this project any time you see so many mediums used you know it's going to shine thanks
Oh boy oh boy, so cool. I've cut slate tile into arbitrary shapes with a cheap tile saw. Not sure about porcelain though, I haven't tried it, it's probably much harder.

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