Step 5: Making Fake Porcelain

Inside the brass frames are paintings on porcelain. We looked into getting tile cut into an oval (very difficult) so we decided to try to make our own.

In the photo below the thing that looks like a toilet seat is actually a small plastic bathroom mirror that I got at the dollar store. I leveled it on the 2x4s, sprayed it with mold release and then poured Hydrocal 50 on top of it. My hope is that I can pop out the hardened Hydrocal, sand it with emery paper and then treat is with a topcoat.
thats a real work of art! well done. quite steampunkish too - something I am just getting into now. brilliant instructable. was the top dome made from a pudding basin?
I loved this project any time you see so many mediums used you know it's going to shine thanks
Oh boy oh boy, so cool. I've cut slate tile into arbitrary shapes with a cheap tile saw. Not sure about porcelain though, I haven't tried it, it's probably much harder.

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