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There is no better way to guarantee your kids will love something then to just have them design it themselves. This whimsical book case was dreamed up by my 5 year old, and with a little family collaboration it became a reality. It is a sure way to brighten any room, and make reading a HAPPY past time. 

I asked my daughter what I should make for the furniture contest. She responded, "a rainbow," immediately I was reminded of my childhood memory of the television program called "Reading Rainbow", and new that a book shelf would be just the thing! 

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
Large sheet of 3/4" plywood (8'x 42")
10 dowel rods cut to be (1/2" x 13.5" )
Fabric (any color) 
Wood glue
Wood putty
Sand paper
8 wood screws 2"
Optional: Fabric dye if you want to do tie dye.

Step 2: Cutting The Arch

Picture of Cutting The Arch
To start you will sketch out your arches onto the sheet of wood.
1.Find the center of your sheet to divide it into halves. Then find the center of each half
2. Then use a protractor to draw a large circle in the center of each half. (The circles will fill the entire half) Then draw a 2nd circle inside each of your first. Making 2 large doughnuts.(The 2nd circle will be about  11" in from the first creating the width of the arch)
3. Then take a straight edge and draw a line from the outside edge of the center circle to the short edge of the sheet. This straight edge creates the inner arch. The outer arch is created by the larger circle and edge of the sheet.

You will now have 2 identical arches sketched onto the sheet. 

Cut out the arches with a jigsaw.

From the scraps measure & cut 2 platforms that are 11"x12" (The dimensions of the shelves)

So cute, you should enter it in the Rainbow Contest! http://www.instructables.com/contest/rainbow2015/

Jetmaster3602 months ago

What's the cloud made from?

mygibzone (author)  Jetmaster3601 month ago

I sewed the cloud out of fleece & then filled it with the styrofoam bean bag pellets.

okay thanks

lrohret2 years ago
WONDERFUL! I adored "Reading Rainbow" so this is definitely a project I'm going to try. Love it!
shazni2 years ago
I hope you don't mind me adding this instructable in one of mine...check it out....if you do mind let me know and i'll remove it immediately. thanks

stacking boxes.jpg
shazni3 years ago
This would be great in my daughters room along with the rainbow clock and bulletin board! :-)
Check out my instructable if your children would love it too :-)
mygibzone (author)  shazni3 years ago
Very cool! It's great how rainbows make everything a little more cheerful!
The Rambler3 years ago
This is super cool. I like the cloth shelves. They're an ingeniously simple idea.
mygibzone (author)  The Rambler3 years ago
I have very little wood working skills, so I had to keep it simply enough that I could do it. :)
I guess that's part of what this site is about right? Sharing different ways of doing things and opening people up to the idea that there may be multiple ways to the get to the same end result. Just because you don't have a lot of woodworking skills doesn't mean you can't make things that are really fun and creative.
mygibzone (author) 3 years ago
Thanks everyone, but I can't take all the credit it really did come from the mind of my 5 year old!
dare2baware3 years ago
My grandaughter would love this. When can you build me one ;-)
mygibzone (author)  dare2baware3 years ago
Follow my instructable I'm sure she would love one from Grandma and it's really pretty easy!
MaryT8M3 years ago
REALLY cute!
I was totally reminded of this;

Awesome! I would love to read on a cloud! And read from a rainbow :)
This is fan-freaking-tastic! My kids need one of those. It looks so organized and fun. Great job.