Step 2: Schematic and Template

Picture of Schematic and Template
Here is the schematic and the template that I created for this project.  The template is intended for a 4.5" by 6" box. 

To see a larger version of both, mouse over them and click the i symbol that appears in the top left corner.  This will take you to the page where you can view the original image size.

The schematic is two separate pieces, the resistance portion and the capacitance portion.  The capacitance portion is essentially two "variable caps" consisting of a rotary switch and 11 caps each.  A DPDT toggle allows them to move from a parallel to series configuration when needed, to get more combinational values.

The resistance portion is a 1k ohm resistor on a button (to act as a low-ohm safety, when not pressed total resistance cannot go below 1000 ohms), two potentiometers, and a rotary switch for additional resistance options.