Step 5: Complete!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this guide to building your own resistor/capacitor selection box.  I would love to hear any suggestions on what I could add/change to make this box more versatile and functional.

Thanks for reading, and please post any comments, questions and suggestions you may have.
Ken Chevy4 years ago

Beautiful work, Matt!  I used to play with things like this when I was a young kid in my thirties about thirty years ago.  I still have one lying up in the attic I think.


wa7jos4 years ago
Nicely done! Excellent workmanship.
But I would suggest that your smaller picofarad selections are useless. The capacitance and inductance of the internal (and external) wiring will swamp the actual component values.
These small values are most often used in RF circuits where lead length must be kept as short as possible.
You would probably be better served to substitute larger capacitors on the other end instead of anything smaller than 1nf.