Don't you hate it when a headline promises you something which the author can't deliver later on? Well, I guess I'm guilty of that. Of course you can't build a robot with perler beads. But you can build something that looks like a robot. So here we go:

Step 1: What You Need

There are many companies that offer these pearls. One of the cheapest sources is IKEA. They sell them in boxes of thousands - opaque and translucent. The number of colors is limited though. So I buy them also on fleamarkets and on ebay.

For this project I use the big plate with the rectangular grid.

You also need a sheet of baking paper to iron the beads later on.

<p>Way cool. My four year old loves robots. Going to try this with her.</p>
<p>I appreciate your honesty in that first paragraph there. ;)</p>
<p>Just for legal reasons I've put that there. I don't want to get sued by someone ;)</p>
<p>Cute robot, by the way!!!</p>
Maybe someone at my house will make this for me with some of the 3 million beads we have around our house! Thanks for sharing!
<p>Most templates seem to be made for girls. Hopefully this one will inspire both genders. Good luck finding someone to build one for you. You'll be down to around 299999856 beads then ;)</p>
<p>I've never used perler beads :o but it sure looks like a fun craft! nice work :)</p>
<p>It is a lot like cross-stitching in the way that you have to rasterize an image and have a limited colortable. The &quot;aftavatge is, that you can easily remove and replace beads before you iron them.</p>
<p>Oh, good to know, sounds like it's a lot easier than cross stitching. I should give it a try :)</p>

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