Step 5: Choose LED or Buzzer

Picture of Choose LED or Buzzer
  • This is another SPDT switch.  
  • Each side will have a sensor.  The left will be a LED and the right a buzzer.
  • This is constructed much like the last step.
  • Place a brad on ether side of the paperclip switch.
  • Poke a larger hole for the LED above the left brad and from the bottom stick the lens in the cardboard.
  • The LED needs to be installed the right way.  The positive lead/wire is longer than the negative wire.  Now wrap the positive lead around the brad leg below it and the negative lead gets wrapped around the brad leg above it.  (see pic)
  • The other side of the switch has the same thing happen, but with the buzzer.  Poke 1 hole near the right side switch brad and pull both wires from the buzzer through it.  You may need to strip a bit more off the wire ends.  Wrap the red wire end around that "switch" brad and the black wire can go around any brad that is beyond the LED.  (see pic)
  • Use a bit of tape folded over to stick the buzzer to the board.  
  • It should look something like the pictures.