Picture of Build a Smurf House
This Instructable will show parents a very fast easy way to make a Smurf House for their kids to play Smurfs with :)

Step 1: Bill of Materials.

Picture of Bill of Materials.
For this project all you will need is:

- 1 medium sized bowl
- 1 sheet of cardboard (24" x 6")
- a good X-acto knife
- marker
- tape.
- measuring tape
- 1 Smurf for scale

Soo cute and simple
Really great
ChrysN4 years ago
Cute! I loved playing with my smurfs when I was a kid, it's cool that they're back.
grey_starr (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
I still have some from when I was a kid... I love that my kids like all the "retro" cartoons lol