Picture of Build a Smurf House
This Instructable will show parents a very fast easy way to make a Smurf House for their kids to play Smurfs with :)

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Step 1: Bill of Materials.

Picture of Bill of Materials.
For this project all you will need is:

- 1 medium sized bowl
- 1 sheet of cardboard (24" x 6")
- a good X-acto knife
- marker
- tape.
- measuring tape
- 1 Smurf for scale

Step 2: Draw some details

Picture of Draw some details
The first thing I did was draw a Door around the smurf, so I know it fits.... then a window at the smurfs head height. 

Step 3: Size the house.

Picture of Size the house.
Roll the cardboard so that it's round and place your bowl over... Overlap the end and make it so it's sized right... mark it, so you can cut off the extra length.

I had started with a 24"x8" cardboard piece. I cut the height down to 6" so it was not so tall.

Step 4: Cut outs.

Picture of Cut outs.
Cut the door so it opens, and cut out the window. Then turn it over and do a fast draw circling the window and adding the Door features.

Optionally you should have the kids colour and decorate now while it's flat! Mine wanted to play right away.

Step 5: Finish it up

Picture of Finish it up
Tape the ends of the house and put on the roof and PLAY!........

and because the roof comes off, they can put stuff inside and continue their story.... I am amazed just how often Jokey blows up the house o.O
Soo cute and simple
Really great
ChrysN3 years ago
Cute! I loved playing with my smurfs when I was a kid, it's cool that they're back.
grey_starr (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
I still have some from when I was a kid... I love that my kids like all the "retro" cartoons lol