I came up with this as a survival tool after Hurricane Ike. We used solar water heaters for showers and doing dishes but did most of our cooking on the camp stove. This idea came too late but as they say, better late than never.
This design works with the materials I keep in my survival kit I purchased from Outpost Outfitters which uses a solar survival blanket for the reflector but I needed a roasting pan for another project so I used it for the Instructable.

Military Mess Kit (Aluminum cooks faster but stainless steel is more durable so the choice is yours).
High Heat spray paint, black. The type used for BBQ grills.
Oven cooking bag
Reflective surface. Roasting pan was used here that I procured from a dollar store but foil or a Mylar solar survival blanket could also work just as well.
Canteen Cup Stand/stove. Use to keep the mess kit elevated so that solar radiation can reach the underside for faster and more efficient cooking. Anything you find can be used for this such as a rock or bits of broken brick or whatever you have handy. The military canteen cup stove works well as it is also aluminum and has holes throughout for good conduction. A short drinking glass turned upside down would work well too or possibly a pair of shot glasses.

Step 1:

<p>I have often wondered if the use of a fresnel lens would be a more efficent way to do solar cooking. Perhaps if the lens was used to focus sunlight on the reflector cooking times could be greatly reduced. The lens could double as a fire starter also.</p>
I carry 3 aluminium rods. I stick my food on and wrap it with Gladwrap. When I put bottle caps on the ends of my tripod and arrange it over a survival blaket. Takes about 2 hours to cook a decent chicken sized bird. Then again I live in the tropics. <br>
That, I would love to see happen, in person!
Neat idea.
Does it really get hot enough? Can you stick a thermometer in there to show the temp. ? I am just very curious. Thanks.
Bravo! Nicely done, easy to follow directions, great images. A keeper I will definitely try.

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