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Getting started with DIY projects is easier than you might think. This Instructable will hopefully encourage people to start building their own projects. I come from India where DIY is still to catch on. There are a few reasons behind this, first is that the labor is quite cheap here as compared to more developed countries, hence you can get things made pretty easily. Secondly: The tools are very costly so nobody has a workshop at their home.

In this tutorial I'll show that not much tools are required to start building yourself. And since getting work done is cheap here, some part of the project can be outsourced.

Let's start building :)

Step 1: Lets Collect the Parts.

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Since DIY culture is yet to take off in India, therefore, the eCommerce websites also don't cater much to the DIYers (or the lack of it). Hence getting parts is a bit tricky here.

List of the parts used in this project.

  1. Amplifier. The one i'm using is based off of 4440 IC (Datasheet). Got it from a guy who manufactures these pre built kits for Rs. 65 (less than a Dollar).
  2. Car phone charger. I used an old discarded charger, you can buy one if you want one (You can try one like this)
  3. Speakers. I got mine from the same shop for Rs. 35 each (A set of two cost me just over a $)
  4. Ply board. I had one lying around. Asked my friendly neighborhood carpenter to cut it into the desired dimensions ( he did it for free ).
  5. 12V power jack. I used this.
  6. USB type B female connector.
  7. Wood Glue.
  8. I used a piece of cloth to finish the speaker.
  9. Soldering Iron.
  10. 12 V, 1 amp power adapter to power the speaker.
  11. A drill. I own this one.

Step 2: The Build.

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I've included the build process in the video.

Watch it for the whole build process.



SamS300 (author)2016-07-04

Where did you get the input audio jack and the on/off switch and what were the names of the parts? I couldn't find any online like the ones you used.

For audio jack I've used this

The switch is a simple spst switch.

MonicaC63 (author)2016-07-01

That is amazing. Keep it up !

Thanks for the appreciation. New indestructible coming soon.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-01

Nice build.

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