Picture of Build a Stand-Up Paddeboard Paddle
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This epoxy/wood paddle features a 10 degree bent shaft, just like the spiffy store-bought ones. Because of the setting times of the epoxy coating, it will probably take a week of evenings plus a Saturday afternoon or so to complete. If you're unfamiliar with fiberglassing, this is a great project to learn how to use this amazing construction technique.

Stand-up paddleboarding is the hot new watersport, but at $1000 to $1600 for the board, and $300 for the paddle, it's tough to justify unless it's your passion. You can go on Craigslist and buy an old beginner windsurfer (I paid $50 for mine), but what to do about the specialized paddle?

Check out my Instructable- I use the resources of my shop, but you can adapt your tools and skills to make yourself a fine paddle, almost as light as a carbon-fiber, one that will make all of the wealthy ne'er-do-wells grind their molars with envy at your skills! Maybe it will make up for the sketchy-looking board that you may be paddling...

All of the wood was purchased at Home Depot, and the epoxy can be found at a marine store (like WestMarine), or ordered on the web.

To complete my paddle, I used a:
table saw
drill press
orbital sander
mini-grinder with sanding disk (you may want a Dremel)
jigsaw (bandsaw or coping saw)
pocmarck2 years ago
Thanks for the 'ibble and the pattern. I finished mine up 2 weeks ago and it's been working great. It wound up a tad long but I can live with that. It helps with getting a good push. Here's 2 pics of the finished project. I think the final cost was about the same as the paddle I got from Cabela's (~ $60) and that one broke the 5th time out.
2013-08-31 17.00.29.jpg2013-08-31 17.00.12.jpg
ImA4Wheelr3 years ago
Awesome Instructable. Thanks for all the great info and advice!
jhubbardii3 years ago
Really nice job. Appreciate you effort.
these were a couple of people on the SUP. We also have had an outrigger team there since around 1998 if i remember right, and there is a bunch of kayak stuff including kayak polo at this new boat house , pier 64 i believe.
this inscrutable gave me the idea of cutting one of wider blade ZRE paddles and putting a stick inside it, lay whatever is easiest to work with as far as composite fiber and make it into a SUP blade. i think for 2 years in a row they had a SUP race around Manhattan, about 26 miles, maybe 23? They flew in all the big names of the surf world. I could probably paddle a bathtub type stability boat. i would love to try a paddle board, but not in any of our local waters, too much sh^t literaly, in the water. i have been looking for a used microscope to check the e-coli content of the river. The geese also foul the water in the lakes i used to swim and paddle in. They had to close the beaches due to the geese.
SUP nyc pier 64 7-10-2011 7-28-56 PM. 7-10-2011 7-28-56 PM.JPG
nts a nice blade for a SUP . price is right too. nice work. The expertise to make it using a hollow shaft and foam core bade is well beyond most, or you would be turning out the 15Oz SUP as a money maker. the nice thing about this this besides the price of $350 is that when you whack it , and you will, it wont hurt your mental state as much. I was watching a bunch of people trying SUP on the Hudson last weekend by 24 street, i will have to give it a try , i doubt i will be able to do it ,but might be able to modify a cheap windsurfer boar for the attempt. i have a quiver of oc6 and oc1 graphite paddles,but was injured so those days are gone. It looked like a lot of fun and i love the stretch and catch for the power, just not sure how i will get around a leg with very Little propreoception. seemed like a nice way to get some sun and exercise, even though i would not be able to push like i used too. when i get home i will post the pics of the SUP in the hudson.
Meyer Ranch5 years ago
Thanks for the great Instructable! I made one a few months ago for myself and am making another for my wife.  We both use old windsurfboards here in Austin and the paddle always gets alot of comments!
thescottdog6 years ago
Hey made one last week and really happy with it
barking_spider (author)  thescottdog6 years ago
Hey that's great! Be sure to treat yourself to a fine beverage!
lebowski6 years ago
Very nice work!