Build a Storage Closet Pond





Introduction: Build a Storage Closet Pond

You can build a container pond out of almost anything. This is a pond  that I built out of an old plastic storage closet.

Step 1: Pop Off the Doors and Shelving

I happen to have a plastic storage closet that I was ready to chuck. This gave me an idea! So, I popped off the shelving and the door.

Step 2: File Down Rough Edges

Then I filed down the rough edges and removed any screws.

Step 3: Find a Nice Sunny Location

I found a nice sunny place and laid the storage closet on its backside.

Step 4: Line With Thick Plastic Sheeting

Then I lined the closet with 4 mil. black plastic sheeting and cut it to size.

Step 5: Don't Do What I Did!

In the process of helping my husband line the new "cheap" pond, I stepped over a pile of lumber and stepped down on a huge nail! I learned my painful lesson, DO NOT wear crocks in a construction area!

Step 6: Add Water and Plants

A day and 1 hospital visit later, I hobbled out to the pond and finished the job. It looks great! All I need to do is add some goldfish or minnows for mosquito control and I'm all set. In the cold winter months, I will attach clear plastic sheeting to the fence to protect the plants from frost. I can also lower the water level and drape the sheeting right over the pond for protection.

The plants I put in this pond are floating water hyacinth and floating water lettuce, but you can put in water lily too. The water hyacinth is the plant with the purple flowers. See more about pond plants on my website  and on my facebook page.




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    Can you say more about Step 6? It's hard for me to tell from the picture what went into your pond, and I'm not really too familiar with how these things work. Seems like a great example of re-use!

    Thanks! I also have another one coming soon. I posted pictures of the plants for you on step 6. GAiL

    So you just add water and top it with your plants? Do you add food or anything?

    If I had potted plants like water lily or any other potted pond plant then I could add pond plant fertilizer tabs. But floating plants like water hyacinth and water lettuce do not need fertilizer. If I did add fertilizer, then it would promote algae growth. Also, the fish in the water act as a natural fertilizer for the plants. The roots that dangle in the water filter and feed upon the fish excrement. Keeping a container pond is really easy. But warning! Once you get started you will be soooo hooked!