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I love drumming, but hate transporting my whole set around, so I designed a drum kit using a suitcase as the bass drum. The whole set fits inside the suitcase! My suitcase drum set sounds surprisingly good. Audiences love it.
Click here for a PDF download version for non pro members.

I built my first suitcase set 6 years ago. It was a big hit, and I ended up playing 500+ gigs on it, mostly around the Midwest. Since that first set, I have constantly been figuring out ways to improve it. For example, I've learned how to fix the problems that plague the use of a suitcase as a bass drum. And I'm going to share that knowledge here.

Gig after gig, people asked me how to make their own. This instructable is a culmination of years of development. If you build one, I would love to see a picture or video of your own suitcase, and am glad to answer any questions you have along the way.

This video -- made almost four years ago by Poodus --- jokingly explains my case for the suitcase drum set.

Notice the Cadillac logo on the front. The first one I built was a BMW -- so named after I found a BMW hubcap on the sidewalk while biking the suitcase home from a gig. The logo pulled off the hubcap and had enough stickiness left to hold it on the front of the suitcase.

That started a crazy trend of fans attaching things to the suitcase. People would show up to the gig with stickers, car logos, name tags, women's undergarments, service bells, and many other things. I wish I had a picture of that kit, after a couple years it was chock full of character.

To my surprise, I broke through the suitcase at a gig. I turned it around and beat on the other side for a few more years before it broke, too. The durability of the old Samsonite cases is something to behold. I played 3-4 long gigs every week for almost four years before the suitcase gave up, and I am a hard hitter. The suitcase in the video is the one I built after the BMW went to the junk yard, the pale yellow made me think of an old Cadillac. I told a fan and he brought in a logo, so it became the Caddy. I can't remember who gave it to me, but I thank them. ENOUGH REMINISCING! ON WITH THE INSTRUCTABLE.

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rmcfisher4 days ago
I made one of these awhile back and I made over 100 dollars buskering
RockerFly2 months ago

I could make this cheaper next time. I used a kick drum riser with a pedal mount when I could have just used a door hinge. Bass spurs work perfect but are cheaper online so I will get them there next time. I run a bass mic through the sound hole. Think I'll make another that looks similar so I can play "double case". I use a cajon for my throne and use it for added thump. Sounds awesome, I love it. Whole kit basically packs within itself...everything but the cajon.


How do you avoid that the suitcase moves away from you if you hit it while drumming? I know that some drummers connect the (regular) bass drum to the chair with a chain but this is not going to work with the suitcase, right?

i use a couple of strings attached to the drum throne. no more moving away of rhe suitcase

i had some pretty good luck mounting a door hinge on the bottom of the case and placing a bit of velcro for the pedal to grip onto... i also play on a small rug from bed bath and beyond.

what kind of rubber did you use? I've been looking at stores like Home Depot and haven't really found anything suitable.
mikereetz (author)  golfchick0054 years ago
It should be easy to find some rubber. I used some from a hardware store that was supposed to be for making stairs not slippery. I got a roll of it for a few bucks. A music store should have bass drum hoop protectors that would do the same thing, but might run you $4. If you seriously have troubles finding one, send me your address in a private message and I'll throw a chunk in an envelope for you. Don't let this hold you back.
Anyone else know of an easy source? needs to be about an 1/8" thick.
mrider1 mikereetz5 months ago
I was just going to use an old bicycle wheel inner tube? My brother has a bike shop so I can get a load of punctured ones for free!
mmacht13 years ago
i have a saturn II suitcase with seemingly good latches, but I am still getting quite a bit of rattling from the latches themselves. any suggestions?
mrider1 mmacht15 months ago
I was getting that too. I just put a bit of super glue into and around the lock part as these seemed to be making the most of the rattling. I didn't have a key for the locks and wouldn't want to to use them anyway so they were a bit redundant! But I. Still getting a bit of noise which is annoying so I'm just going to take the latches off and put some guitar case type latches on.
mikereetz (author)  mmacht13 years ago
Sometimes the latches are just worn out. A little rattle is inevitable, but they are probably just worn out. I had one like that, to fix it I would carry a roll of duct tape and put some over the closed latches, kind of ugly, but also added some 'character'.
In less words.... tape the latches down.
spencer.parsons.9 made it!5 months ago

Great article here! Thanks for the inspiration... a friend and I are starting to book side gigs with this little setup... Gotta give props to my lady for the suitcase!

tonielli made it!7 months ago

Thanks for inspiring me, thank you so much; this is the result, with an hand made snare drum create by me and a cymbal made from a larger cymbal that was broken. The suitcase is about 70 years old and although it is not plastic (it is made of cardboard), however, is more robust than it looks and it's sound amazing ! (i'm not American so sorry for my bad English)


Wow, very cool! I have a similar suitcase. I should try building this. That cymbal looks interesting. Can you tell us more about it?

Southpaw696 months ago

Wow, what a cool idea! Very innovative. I actually bought a Remo Legero portable drum set years ago because I wanted something small like the one you build with the suitcase. Wish I had seen this!

Do you have any videos or audio of you playing it? I would love to hear how it sounds. Thumbs up for creativity dude!

Alfie Ward made it!11 months ago

Thanks to my Son Shane I
now have a complete "Drum Kit in a Suitcase" The suitcase fits
everything except the Ride Cymbal. Next time I will make sure that the suitcase
is big enough to accommodate it. Surprisingly it sounds good, much better than
I first thought. I find my felt beater sounds and reacts how I like it however
I may have to mic-up the case depending on the venue. How I mount both the
Crash and Ride Cymbals are well balanced. For an added touch I added a
Tamborine to the Crash Cymbal arm and the Cow Bell mounted to the front top of
the suitcase.Thank you Mike for your sharing your idea looks like you have a following of fellow drummers.

2014-04-08 13.13.29.jpg1396755539734.jpg1396678281163.jpg2014-04-08 11.07.33.jpg

This is great, man! Very clean. Attaching your cymbal stands directly to the suitcase is a very nice touch. Could I get a rundown of what you used? More pictures would also be appreciated. ^_^

dackermans849 months ago

Not ready but the most important part is done! Thanx for the idea!

Hopefully soon i will make it a complete drumkit, and post some pics and movies!

Alfie Ward1 year ago

What a great idea,I have been trying to think of ways to downsize
my drumming gear for a while and while talking to my son about it he told me
about your drum kit in a suitcase. Just what I needed so I am well on my way of
building it I have all the parts except finding it hard to obtain the suitcase.
When I am finished I will post a picture up of it. Meanwhile anyone living in
Australia who can help me out with the suitcase email me I live in
Rockhampton Queensland 4701


Was wondering how you eliminate the rattle of the suitcase handle while playing?


ceet3 years ago
Awesome! How much would it cost if u start out with nothing? I would love to give this a try. Don't have a lot of cash to spend though, so approximately how much do u think i would need to spend if i can't find any of the items for free?
smarion ceet1 year ago
I don't know if you ever went ahead with it, but it cost me around $100 bucks because I didn't have a lot of spare parts lying around. Make use of friends/neighbors and friendly hardware stores if tools are an issue.
mikereetz (author)  ceet3 years ago
This question is hard to answer, but I would say between 150 and 500 bucks.
lots of factors to consider.
smarion1 year ago
Hey Mike,

First off, thanks for starting my new obsession with your Instructable. I was literally trying to find the way to do this with minimal tools and budget (being a college kid) starting six months ago. Well, I finally finished it and while I don't have images yet (maybe in a future comment), I can assure you it's functional. I used a popcorn snare with a cymbal stand mount and added a bucket on the side of the case.

My only question is how you deal with the volume differential between the drums/cymbals and case. I didn't use a Samsonite as many others have, but that was because I couldn't find any that were suitable, so perhaps my case is thick, but I'm using a hi-bounce pinky on a 1/4" rod for the beater, as per your suggestion.

I had to dampen all my cymbals and put a rag on my snare to balance everything tonally.

Can you use a wooden plate instead of an aluminum plate
dariomoses2 years ago
Here's my build, pretty much followed your instructions to a T (I couldn't reply to your post because there was a problem with the captcha, so I had to post a new comment). The only thing I did differently was the tom mounting (close-up shown) - it has a strange attachment for some unknown type of stand, which happens to perfectly fit on an L-shaped shelf bracket, which I've bolted to the top of the suitcase. I use a little dog toy football as the beater and I've wrapped it in duck tape because it was disintegrating slightly without, but the sound is good. I was never going to buy a drum kit but it was a fun project, I enjoy 'playing' it (badly) and in total it cost me around £80. The badge on the front is from a superhero outfit I once wore to a party.
photo (1).JPGphoto (2).JPGphoto.JPG
mikereetz (author)  dariomoses2 years ago
This is great!!!!
dariomoses2 years ago
Mike, thank you for this! You inspired me to spend the past 4 months putting together a suitcase set of my own and (finally!) I think I can say it is complete. I only have one question: how do you bend the angled rods you hold your cymbals on? Does it not weaken them enormously?
mikereetz (author)  dariomoses2 years ago
It would be rad to see a vid or pic of your build.
I bent the arms in with my vice and hands, I suppose you could heat them, but they are plenty sturdy without. A little 'chrome' flakes off.
Haven't been on here in quite some time, but I'm still tweaking my suitcase kit. Here's a pic from November 2012 of the suitcase kit at Donn Bennett's Woodstick 2012 in Kirkland, WA. Needless to say, it caught a lot of attention. I'll put up a video soon.
Everything but the throne fits inside!
mikereetz (author)  ideofone.ezek2 years ago
Nice build! Thanks for posting the picture.
I'm glad you represented the suitcase at Woodstick!
markus21022 years ago
Bro i dont even play drums. Im a guitarist. I have always sucked at drums whenever i would give it a shot haha.
but this AMAZING ible makes me want to build one and start learning as soon as possible!
thanks for the great instructable man!!
cbower23 years ago
How do you get the pinky ball on the beater without it falling apart? You mention cutting it down as well but I don't see how that's possible either since the ball is hollow, the washers would just go through.
mikereetz (author)  cbower23 years ago
The real super pinky ball should not be hollow. Is that ball a real one, or more of a racquetball? Its should be high density foam throughout.
WhiteTech3 years ago
I think I've found a new way to jam on the street, :D
Couple questions: 1) Does the suitcase move at all when you kick it? I have issues with this on regular kits, so any ideas would be helpful, 2) where would I find a tom small enough to fit in the suitcase that isn't a toy?
bosniaguy3 years ago
bertus52x113 years ago
abadfart3 years ago
very nice and if you got a real big one you could fit a whole rock kit in
jwteo3 years ago
Great job !
I found similar one with toms, do u know it ?
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