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Here I have a how to make a Swing bike ( Mini ) in 10 steps.

Mind you, you can make a 20"  OR A   24" bike the same way.

Tools required;

Bench and hand Grinder
Hack saw or another way of cutting
Plumming tourch
Varety of  tools to take apart and assemble the bike/s
Welding rig;
      Mig, Tig, or cutting Tourch with braze rods
Drill press / drill and drill bits
Bench Vice

Total cost for me will be in the welding, plus any new parts I aquired.
about  $70.00

Skill level;  I would put at an 8  out of  10  and  about 48 hrs + .

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Thank you..

Step 1:

Parts needed;

You will need to gather your parts and doner bikes.

I used two 16" girls frame bikes, a 20" front fork, a 16" rear wheel and a 12" front wheel.

I also used a Trail-A-bike frame for the cross / swing tubes.

So here you may need to get tubing in place of this frame.
With this option you may need a person with a tubing bender.

OR > Make your own !  Click for Link....

I think for this project, the tool would need to be 18" - 22" long.

With a slow gradual bend of about 1-3/4 inches.

I'm just guessing as I have yet to make this tool myself.

Click on any image for a larger view.

This is really great, thanks for showing... <br> <br>Pastor Kurt Beard <br>
Thank you, The Kids loved it and I'm glad for the brake in the weather so that they could have some fun.
Did you make or buy the springer front.I REALLY want one of them.Awesome bike!
The Mouse Trap springer front fork were on many vintage muscle bikes and some MX bikes. I got this one off e-bay. Sometimes, they can get pricey. If you check e-bay, try Sears MX Bikes , Murray bikes or just MX Bikes. They are not for sale often. Other wise, try the site I have listed with my profile&quot; musclebikeamerica.com &quot;. I have not taken a photo yet but, I have taken that fork off. It made the front end about an 1-1/2&quot; too high. I insted installed a true 20&quot; &quot;ASHTABULA Lite&quot; fork , also rare. This one is like a Schwinn fork but , with holes drilled into it to lighten it up. It is also Chromed ;-) <br>I feel the bike looks much sharper with this fork.
Thats awesome!! Thanks for posting!
Thank you
Man! I never knew that you could remove the stays off a fork. Seriously, that's amazing.
Without that type of tourch tip, you might not be able to remove them. <br> <br>It takes good heat, A brazing tourch would work best.
this is much more ergonomic than those that use the unicycle wheel!
This looks wonderful!
Glad to share, you and the kids will love it.
OMFG..This so cool !!Ready in my To do List.Thnx for share.

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