Step 5: Forming the Cones- Slip Roller

There are two ways to form the metal for cones or cylinders.  The best way for the cylinder is to use a Slip Roller like the one in Picture 1.  It gradually rolls the metal tighter and tighter until you have a nice cylinder, then the top roller lifts and you slip the metal off the end of the roller (Pictures 2-7). 

Finished cylinder, ready to weld! (See Picture 8)

This works really good for straight cylinders, but its a little harder to do with a cone that will have different diameters on each end.  I've been told a trick to this is to pinch the short end of the cone with pliers to hold it back allowing the longer side to get sucked through faster (see Picture 9).  This didn't really work for me because my rollers were to big for the cones I was making anyways.  I think with some practice, though, it would work really good. 

The other option is to "micro-brake"- see the next step!