One tool that the modern world has given us which is very nice to have for couples in a long distance relationship is the webcam. This makes your online conversations much more interesting, and adds an element of closeness. A plain old webcam isn't very interesting to look at, however, and it certainly isn't much fun to hug. So, with that in mind, I decided to make a webcam encased in a teddy bear to give to someone special.

The ultimate goal of this project was to have something that looks and feels like a regular teddy bear, but can be plugged into the computer (via usb) and used as a video and audio input without any degradation in quality. I think I achieved these goals fairly well, although next time I would use a higher quality camera.

Step 1: Acquire a Stuffed Bear and Camera

Obviously there are two main components that you need in this build: A teddy bear (or other stuffed animal) and a webcam.

There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing these parts. First of all, the bear has to be big enough to comfortably fit the camera inside without altering its shape. Since I chose to mount the camera with it looking out through one of its eyes, a large head was necessary. The webcam I chose is fairly small, so it fits nicely.

Another thing to note is the compatibility of the webcam with the end user's operating system. If windows is being used it is typically not a problem, but there are certain webcams which do not have supported drivers for Linux, making them more difficult to work with.

Cams also vary in picture quality. The one I ended up using could use improvement in this department, but I was trying to keep the component cost low. The components of this project were purchased at the local walmart for not more than $50 or so.

If ya perfect it to be wireless you can sell them
is their any chance you can make a wireless spy teddy bear (with out plugging it in)
the attack of the... TERMA-TEDDY-NATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it ll be funny when somebody comes in and see u talkig to the bear<br /> \
nice instructuble!<br /> made one for a slightly diferent purpose,for cyber-hugging with my girlfriend<br /> added some speakers on the chics with volume control under the ear.<br /> mine flashes a led when operating.. ;&nbsp;)<br />
Thanks, and very nice.<br /> <br /> This was a first try and done in a relatively short time. If I were to make another one like this I would do what I&nbsp;had originally wanted to and have a single board comp in it with a little display in the belly, a speaker in the mouth, and wifi. It would be a standalone skype video-phone in a teddy bear. But that project would be a bit more expensive.<br />
This picture would scar a child for life.<br />
Kershaw knife! i have like 5 :p
&nbsp;That's great! &nbsp;Nannycams are a necessity nowadays. &nbsp;I'll have to install one of these so I can spy on my 5 year old sister's babysitter. &nbsp;If she ever gets one...
&nbsp;:P I hope you mean for &quot;protection purposes&quot; and you don't plan on putting the stuffed bear in the bathroom or something ;)&nbsp;<br /> <br /> haha<br />
&nbsp;*shudder* &nbsp;You have a dirty mind. &nbsp;:P
&nbsp;... oh come on.. the babysitter? Thats like right under &quot;cheerleader&quot; for most guys. :P&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Thats just me being logical.&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp;For most guys. <br /> <br /> ...I'm into geeks.
&nbsp;:) Well then the Teddy Bear idea still works, how geeky and hot would it be if she was into getting filmed with a teddy bear webcam :P&nbsp;
I was considering posting a picture of the happy (and geeky =P) recipient with the bear, but after seeing this discussion I&nbsp;think I won't.<br />
If its any encouragement, I would like to see the&nbsp;recipient! :D&nbsp;
&nbsp;Good idea.
&nbsp;Ummmmm.... *looks from left to right* &nbsp;I have to go hug my teddy bear.

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