Step 2: The Vat

Picture of The Vat

The vat is the container in which you heat your mash. I would suggest the use of an old pressure cooker, as it has a seal around the lid to keep vapours inside the system, and is large enough to hold a reasonable volume of wash.

There are grades of st.stl. The lower the number,the 'cheaper' the material,i.e.,it corrodes easier,faster. Best to start is 304,next is 316.The content of chrome/nickel increases & carbon stl decreases,therefore less corrosion.Both are expensive,however,304 is less than 316.
old miner2 years ago
wort, mash, wash, are all right in there own countries.

i made apple pie moonshine and because i wanted 190 proof or better i used a thumper.
why because if i got caught with the apple pie shine i could claim i made it with 190 Everclear and if they did not find my still it would be imposable for them to prove different
I used a old world war 2 stainless oxygen tank that had been modified by adding a filler cap and electric tank heater fittings welded on with TIG welding

The best part it looked nothing like a still when stored.
and if not caught running it i could claim it was for distilling water.
The cops in Kalifornia are dumb because there are few people in calif making moonshine and a lot of drug labs.

Some meth head broke into the shed i had it stored in and took it for scrap.
seamaas5 years ago
it's called wort not wash
For young BEER that has not been fermented it is called wort (vert) after the MASH has been fermented and is in the prosess of being distilled it is called WASH.
Kiteman (author)  seamaas5 years ago
Actually it's "mash" - thanks for spotting the typo.

(Wort is part of the beer-brewing process.)
seamaas Kiteman5 years ago
you're right I forgot. i am an amateur brewer do i should now by now
ustogether6 years ago
Is the pressure cooker you are showing for the vat aluminum?
Kiteman (author)  ustogether6 years ago
It could be aluminium, or stainless steel, it's just a googled image, as I said at the start.