Build a WiFi Enabled Micro-quadrotor





Introduction: Build a WiFi Enabled Micro-quadrotor

This instructable just record how simple that build a WiFi enabled micro-quadrotor youself !

Most of parts can be bought cheap and easily.

And use your Android phone as remote-controller.

Step 1: Things That Need Prepare

Parts you will need:

  1. flight controller board, "SP racing F3 EVO Brushed" here.
  2. 8520 brushed motor * 4
  3. 65mm blade propeller prop
  4. 1S 3.7V 300~600mAh li-po battery
  5. ESP-01 wifi module
  6. any frame for Micro-qaudrotor, you can DIY or buy from somewhere.

Tools/Things that you need:

  1. soldering iron
  2. solder
  3. tape
  4. foam tape
  5. hot glue
  6. any UART to USB bridge (to flash ESP-01 firmware)

Step 2: Flash ESP8266 Firmware and Setting WiFi Module!

Download esp-link firmware:

And flash it via UART to USB bridge.

After flash, reboot ESP-01,

and you will find a SSID called "ESP_XXXXXX".

(XXXXXX is least 3 byte of MAC address of ESP-01 module)

Connect it, and open in your browser.

Go to "Debug log" page, set to "off".

Go to "uC Console" page, set "Baud" to "115200".

And you can also change any other thing you want (ex: SSID, password...)

* wiring image modify from

* ESP-01 pinout image from

Step 3: Wire and Place All the Things Up!

Step 4: Drone Setting

1) connect FC using Clean/Beataflight configurator via USB cable (depend on what firmware FC used)

2) Go to the "Ports" tab.

- UART1 row -> engage the "MSP".

- Save and Reboot

3) Go to the "Configurations" tab.

- Mixer -> Quad X

- Receiver Mode -> "RX_MSP".

- Set Motor Stop

- Min Throttle = 1000, Max Throttle = 2000, Min Command = 1100

- Save and Reboot

4) Go to the "Modes" Tab

- Set "ARM" to AUX1 if you wish to arm via AUX1 button.

- Set Flights Modes (Optional). Acro/Rate mode is the default, so if you wish to use Angle and Horizon, you will need to set it now.

- I usually put the Angle mode on AUX2, Horizon on AUX3, Acro/Rate mode if both off.

5) the "CLI" Tab

- Motor Jitter/Start up spinning -> Type: "set motor_pwm_rate=16000" enter.

- Type: "save" enter.

- will auto Reboot.

6) the "Receiver" Tab

- you can check you control command here.

ps. Thanks rschoi_75's set-up guide, most of parts are the same, only RX part are different.

Step 5: Connect and Fly!

download this app:

or you can build yourself:

connect to drone's wifi SSID,

open the app called "MSP-Controller",

click transmitter icon on left-top,

type in 'tcp://' and click 'connect',

and you see that status will be updated.

and then, arm and fly the quadrotor as your setting!!



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    Nice instructable, but is it possible to share all your part on ebay for example? Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work :)