World's Smallest Electronic Shocker W/LED-PCB Mounted





Introduction: World's Smallest Electronic Shocker W/LED-PCB Mounted

This is a 450v high voltage shocker/capacitor charger. Please note, though, that this device has a very high output voltage, and it (might?) kill the weak of heart (not to mention, it HURTS), so be careful when handling any capacitor or high voltage circuit. Thanks to Plasmana who got me started.

Step 1: 1: Get the Components.

Go to any place that devolopes desposable camera film. Ask nicely and you should be able to get a couple for free. The guts have already been removed...

Step 2: 2: This Is the Camera Board With Components

Here we have the components needed labeled.

Step 3: 3: Components Desoldered-PCB Marked for Cut

Step title says it all.

Step 4: 4: Sand PBC for Soldering and Drill Holes For

I used 220 grit sandpaper and a mini screwdriver to sand the board where illustrated. I couldn't find a drill bit small enought so I used a regular drill with a snapped in half sewing needle for a drill bit. Use the raw edge of the broken needle for the drill tip.

Step 5: 5: Cut PCB Board

I used a small reciprecating saw to make the cut. I've seen that some have used wire cutters to do this. But I got the saw.

Step 6: 6: Everything Ready for Soldering

Here everything is ready to be soldered. The capacitor faces text side out. I bend the leads of the capacitor and wires such that they would not fall thru the holes. After makeing sure that nothing was touching something that is shouldn't be, I soldered everything up. Updated picture forgot to add jumper wire (Shown in Blue on PCB).

Step 7: 7: Finished

All done. The close up picts are second shocker I built. The blue wire in first pict is the orange wire in the rest of the pictures.



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    Cool Project !

    Could I Modify This To Make It Into A Capacitor Charger ?

    "6:6" is a little hard to read, maybe its just cause i'm partially color blind but just in case, is this correct?


    this was the ckt that i chose.

    I need your help guys!im doing my pre-final year in Electronics and Communication engineering.Im kinda desperate here, coz i chose the Taser for my mini project and it turns out that i cudn find the damn transformer used in the ckt anywhere.Thats when i stumbled upon this page.So could you please give me more details about this project.
    Thanks in advance.

    will this capacitor work?

    Here is a quick question. I have seen you and Plasmana attach that little yellow capacitor to the circut. Is it really necessary? There is another video of someone making the same one as you but he doesn't add the capacitor at all and it still does the same thing without the capacitor. Can you please explain the difference?

    The voltage of your shocker is pretty weak compared against mine. Mine gives out 720V...
    Why is this?

    The 450V negative lead is the battery negative, right?

    Hello all, have redesigned & created the    Tube Tazer.
    grabbed more fun pic cameras for my "Daughters School Project". I wanted a more "D R O P" resistance device & everything neatly protected.
    the subminature micro switch is positioned inside the 1 1/4 "PVC tube.
    you squeeze the tube to charge, .....3- 5 sec. is plenty!!
    I also wanted my actual college bound daughter to be able to change the batterys. So, I cut the battery holder out of the camera case & slide inside.

    I only wish for a way to drain off the excess charge w/o blowing the board!
    have KILLED 2 after discharging it against a metal surface. bummer :-(
    its all fun,
    Mr. Steve
    Props to xkred27... this works sooo well!


    Hello All,
    built a 2nd one today!
    I found that of the 7 cameras I received, only 2 were red LED's.
    I believe the correct fun camera's item # is 3J9162.
    { located on bottom right }
    see attached pix.
    I concealed everything inside a Grill Lighter ! :-)
    very cool,