Build a Beefy Work Table for Under $50





Introduction: Build a Beefy Work Table for Under $50

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This is a very simple project to build a solid work table for your wood working and other projects.



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    Your 4x4s look pressure treated. So it wouldn't be a good idea to keep this indoors - pressure treated lumber is toxic and needs to be kept outside.

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    I think it is definitely a bad idea to burn the PT wood indoors, or outdoors for that matter. However, for usage, or storing, there is no issue:

    I hope you are right - but I'm not sure I believe that reference (it's a pressure treated wood manufacturer, right? And the page cites no scientific studies?). I haven't found any clear evidence either way, after spending a little time fishing around for links to 3rd parties who've evaluated the risk. So it's probably fine - I hope. I think the EPA made them phase out the use of Arsenic a while back.

    It would depend on where you're going to put it or whatever leftover paint you have. I'd go with an off white or a light blue.