Step 2: Frame


X-Axis -
-The X-Axis consists of 2 parrallel tracks mounted to the ceiling about 9' appart
-One track that is supported on either end by the Y-Axis

To Make the Tracks:
- Place 2 J channels back-to-back
- Run a peice of clear tape down the top seam, and fold over
- Run a second peice of tape along the bottom

Using 6 peices of J channel, make 3 tracks

Hang X-axis
-Put 2 screw hooks in the ceiling, one at each end of the expected X tracks
-Cut 4 peices of plumbers strap, about 6 inches long
-Thread the peice of plumbers strap towards the end of each track
-Bend the plumbers strap, like an L, so that it will hold up the track
-Hang the other end of the plumbers strap on the hooks on the ceiling
-Adjust as needed

Prepare Y-axis
-The Y axis will be suspended from the motorized carriages on the X-axis
-For now, cut 2 more pieces of plumbers strap and thread through each end of Y-axis