Step 2: Frame


X-Axis -
-The X-Axis consists of 2 parrallel tracks mounted to the ceiling about 9' appart
-One track that is supported on either end by the Y-Axis

To Make the Tracks:
- Place 2 J channels back-to-back
- Run a peice of clear tape down the top seam, and fold over
- Run a second peice of tape along the bottom

Using 6 peices of J channel, make 3 tracks

Hang X-axis
-Put 2 screw hooks in the ceiling, one at each end of the expected X tracks
-Cut 4 peices of plumbers strap, about 6 inches long
-Thread the peice of plumbers strap towards the end of each track
-Bend the plumbers strap, like an L, so that it will hold up the track
-Hang the other end of the plumbers strap on the hooks on the ceiling
-Adjust as needed

Prepare Y-axis
-The Y axis will be suspended from the motorized carriages on the X-axis
-For now, cut 2 more pieces of plumbers strap and thread through each end of Y-axis
how many continous servos did you use? <br>And what is the IR de-modulator? could you <br>send a picture of it separatly? <br> <br> thanks!
Ok I gotta say that is absolutely brilliant. I was fascinated by them things as a kid lol
Awesome. Big man-points score right there. <br>I haven't got my head around arduinos yet, but, I'm thinking about using worm driven wheels controlled by multi channel proportional radio -so does not matter. <br>Again, fantastic stuff. Did you ever try this set up with a more powerful claw servo by the way, how does it wok out?
late replay -- I haven't gotten around to adding a larger claw to the big crane game. I am expecting a giant motorized cardboard crane robot kit from kickstarter, if the claw is good I will try that.
I have my claw now and a heavy duty servo which I will need to fab up some brackets to fit it all together. It will fit -eventually :)
Awesome! Build a crane machine! <br> <br>I used the servo motors because I already had them. I disabled the position feedback, so they are just small DC motors with gearboxes and control boards, in a plastic case. My thought was &quot;What can I do with all these servo motors? Maybe I can just tape them together....&quot; <br> <br>All the Arduino stuff and IR is not really needed either. You could do this with no micros, just physical switches and wires. <br> <br>I still have the thing up on the ceiling, but I made it hard to replace the batteries, and did not include an off switch, so they die over a few days even if not used.
i had this idea since long ! m really happy to see someone else do it . i can actually see how it looks like . now i got inspiration to actually get down to make one finally. <br> <br>but one question . i had normal dc motors in mind which i was going to use . i notice u used servo motors . but why is that ? what was the necessity to use servo motors <br>? can't accomplish the same objective by normal dc motors?
Amazing! :D
This looks amazing. Got any video?
crane game video is up
Thanks! -- video should be up tonight.
I've been thinking that a ceiling mounted track like this could make a great foundation for a robot meant to clean a room or fold clothes.
Very cool!
fixitmankeith<br><br>I don't see the code or the wiring
very nice i saw the teddy bear pacl thing on amzon 20 dollars for5o of them
ToDo: add something so this qualifies for miss pacman contenst....
awesome build I always wanted to build one of these but I have no kids.... <br>
Maybe the next version will be able to grab beer bottles....
Will build this for my younger brother and marc thank you for a great pdf.
Great! Check back for updates. I'm trying to make the electronics easeir to build.

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