My first instructable!  So please be patient if it doesn't look like it was made by an experienced user - it wasn't. :)

We decided to start on some chickens this spring so we'd have fresh eggs.  We got 10, a 250 W brooder light, feeder/waterer and just used a rubbermaid container to start them off in, but it it was clear they would outgrow it quickly. 

We had a simple idea in mind for something better. We wanted to move them to the garage, and eventually outside when the weather warmed up a bit and they were a little older.  We also wanted them to be safe from cats, opossums, and other critters that might like some chicken nuggets.  I'd like to share what we built for others to use, modify, or base their own brooders on. I hope you find it useful.

Step 1: Supplies

Materials used:
* 1/4" hardware cloth 2'x25' (way too much, we'll just use the extra on the coop)
* 2 - sheets of 1/4" plywood
* 3 - 8 foot 1"x3" (You could use 2x4 if you prefer, I was hoping to save it from being heavier than it needs to be)
* 8 - wingnuts
* 8 - 5" bolts (1/4")
* 16 - washers
* 16 -  1/4" nuts
* 2 latches
* 4 hinges
* a box of screws
* a few spare bits of 2x4 we had around for legs (You could use 2x3 if you add a board or 2, I usually have lots of extra 2x4 bits around from other projects)

Tools used:
* Jigsaw
* Compound miter saw
* Drill
* Staple gun
* measuring tape
* speed square
This is a very nice size Broader . <br>I do have one suggestion though , on the bottom , use 1/8 wire screen for the chicks to walk on , and a drawer on the underneath side . This will allow you to clean up easy . <br>Also , David please don't use outside , chicks are very fragile when young ,
I was shopping for Materials and the man at the store Said to painted if you're going to put it outside because it will suck in water
So this can be put out side
<p>Man, hot chicks get all the pageviews. This is a fantastic first Instructable, pwlars. The only trick you missed is an image of the parts/supplies for the build, and that's something most folks don't discover til the third project or so. Nice work. </p>
<p>I used to have chickens and we always just put the chicks in a cardboard box with a heat lamp. This is much nicer!</p>

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