Build a Cheap Goggles or Mask for Kid





Introduction: Build a Cheap Goggles or Mask for Kid

Hi Diy's, my son and i build this simple goggles, we use a microwave food case for this.

i hope understand my awful english :-)

Try and fun!.

Step 1: You Need

1. A plastic case
2. Scissors
3. Permanent marker
4. Rule
5. Plastic Rubber
6. Tape

Step 2: Cut

Cut a rectangular piece, about 30 cms x 14 cms, then put a previous folded letter paper and paste with the tape.

Step 3: Draw

Draw a shape for the noise and ears and cut with scissors, you can create your own design.

Make a holes and put the plastics rubbers for the head.

Step 4: Result

Whats up?!!! is the return of clones? :-)

I hope enjoy this simple project.

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    hey is there a way to make a swiming mask withthis

    huh?? i dont remember this in star wars!!

    Good idea and easy work but i'm afraid the brim of the plastic may be sharp, children would get wounded.

    Good idea but I'd put some tape or at least smooth out that bottom piece so he doesn't het hurt.