Build a custom display in LCD Studio (For G15 keyboard and LCD screens).

Picture of Build a custom display in LCD Studio (For G15 keyboard and LCD screens).
Ok if you have just got your G15 keyboard and are highly unimpressed with the basic displays that came with it then I will take you through the basics of using LCD Studio to make your own.

This example will be making a display that only shows the basic PC info. However once you understand how this works the possibilities are endless (I use it to display every temp/voltage in my overclocked Crossfire enabled PC).

I will also put some tips at the end of the guide on how to work around a few bugs in LCD studio and make it load up a lot faster.

(This guide will also work for most LCD panels which can be accessed Via LCD studio.)

LCD studio basically works with a series of plugins which gather data from other programs and let you display it on your LCD screen. It comes with most of the plugins you will ever need but there might be one or two programs that you will need to have running to get the most from it.

The main ones I recommend and the ones used in this example are:

Fraps: http://www.fraps.com/download.php
Used to get your Frames per second data

Speedfan: http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php
Used to get a lot of system information. In general always use more then one piece of monitoring software as not all of them are 100% accurate and you get a better picture by comparing results.

There are loads more and you will probably find that any monitoring software you already use has some plugins available.
Where can i gwt LCD Studio?
derfman246 years ago
this sounds easy to do when i get my g15, but i would like pictures of the programs
TheLobb8 years ago
thanks i will try this when i get my g15 back
binnie8 years ago
This lcd studio sounds like a great idea. im planning on getting the G15 in a few months so this instructable will come in handy for then. I thought programing the lcd on the screen was a full on coding session but someone has found an easier way for me to do something again thankyou a few screenshots of the program would of been good aswell.