Building a doll's house is something fun to do and is a cherished gift for the little homeowner.

I credit Jennifer with the base plans, which I tweaked a little bit in this 'ible:


Tools you will need:
- jigsaw
- rasp
- paint brushes
- screwdriver
- caulking compund gun / glue gun
- chisel
- mallet
- sharp knife (stanley knife / box cutter) and extra blades
- drill and drill bits
- set square
- wood clamps

parts and consumables (note some of these are different to the parts list from Jennifer)
- 1 sheet of MDF (standard 1.2x2.4m size, 6mm thick)
- carpenter's pencil
- balsa wood for trimmings and staircase
- sandpaper of various grades
- two-part 5 min epoxy for gluing trimmings
- primer paint
- finishing paint (coats)
- brass ornamental hinges and screws
- 1300mm or so of 4mm square dowel for window fittings
- 12mm plywood block for lintels
- easy screw wood screws
- liquid nails or similar slow drying clamp required wood glue
- 3/4" square dowel for gable, stairs and floor supports

Step 1: Cut Out the Parts

I am copying the basic plans excluding window frames from Jennifer's website which I am referencing below:


I've converted the plans to metric / SI units (mm).  This is because I had just come out of hospital and needed the wood shop to cut the basic shapes for me as I couldn't lift wood working tools.  They couldn't do the conversion, so I swapped an excel spreadsheet with a conversion chart for their time to cut the basic shapes.  Fair trade!

Mark out and label the shapes with a pencil and a set square.  I could make the parts with 1/16" error and it still fit together ok.

Use the jigsaw to cut out the shapes and mark them in order. Sand off the edges so that they are nice and smooth.

To cut out the windows, mark the windows in and drill a hole first.  Then poke the jigsaw in the hole you have just drilled, in orderto cut around and sand the edge so that it is smooth.

Cut the 4mm dowel to fit snugly inside the windows with about 4mm overlap.  Use the chisel and knife to cut a recess for both the connection to the window and the cross member in each window.  This takes some getting used to but it is worth it once it's complete, as little fingers will poke through the windows in the house.  Glue the window frames to the cutouts with 5min epoxy.

Cut out little triangles out of balsa wood for the window capstones or ledges.  You can use a stanley knife for this part.  Glue them to the MDF with 5-min epoxy.

(1) Cut out the gable from the square dowel, using the jigsaw. Sand off the rough edges. The gable will be as wide as the base.

(2) Cut out some little triangles out of 12mm ply offcut. Use the set square to make sure these triangles include a 90 degree angle.

(3) cut out the square dowel to the width of the house sides, using the jigsaw. These parts are to support the floors.

All cut!

wow that is wicked alsome i wish i could build one like that
That's a nice dollhouse, greetings, Erik.
my daghter just loved it when we bulid things

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