Introduction: Build a Dragon With 5 Years Olds!

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Using tomato baskets, pipe cleaners, PVC, and paper machie create a 12 foot dragon to hang in your living room!

Step 1: Mock Up and Planning

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Lay out your dragon pieces, wire tying the tomato baskets to make the body. Tye pipe cleaners to the open spots in the tomato baskets so the paper machie with have some structure to it. and something to hold on to.

Step 2: Fleshing Out Your Dragon

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Cover the body of the dragon with a layer of newspaper paper machie and a layer of white paper machie. Then paint it with a coat of latex house paint to give it a hard skin. Otherwise you tend to put your fingers through your creation!

Step 3: Wings

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PVC Pipe, 30 degree angle joints, see through curtin material glued to the pvc pipe gives your dragon gossimer wings!

Step 4: Give Out 20 Paint Brushes and Stand Back!

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We used sponges to give that scaley look to our dragon. We couldn't decide on one color so he bacame a purple and green dragon

Step 5: Hang Your Dragon to Dry in You 15 Foot Ceiling Room

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This project was done over a 6 month period. (The only way of keep 20 five year olds interested is to do a little, leave it alone do a little leave it alone!) Kinda a zen philosophy of art and teaching. Taking the time and way of water, a lot can be accomplished

Step 6: Hanging the Dragon

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Hanging the dragon also keeps the project in the back of everybodies mind. Thinking about how to make it better. What could we add to make it better?

Step 7: Go to the Head of the Dragon!

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The head was made by gluing pieces of styrofoam together and then painted. The horns are just rolled newspaper and paper machied

Step 8: Arms and Legs

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Arms and legs are styrofoam glued together for shape and painted

Step 9: Nice Tail!

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The tail is Dryer vent hose covered with paper machie and twisted into a shape that gives the illusion of the dragon slithering through the sky

Step 10: Lastly...

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Hang your dragon in a large picture window. Or enter him into a county fair or art contest So that the 20 five year old artists will have a great memory of their first step in their academic careers!


Ms M (author)2013-02-04

I'm about to do this project with a large S2 class. We have just completed the novel, 'The Hobbit' and alongside the essay and creative writing, I though this would prove a little more exciting for the kids. Thanks for posting :)

D00M99 (author)2010-10-21

I really like the simple design of the head. Nice work!

discoveringdarcy (author)2010-10-21

More creatures? BTW, Nice job; wish educators in my day did these things :)

Johntron (author)2006-07-13

Oh! You mean you don't build the dragon OUT OF five-year-olds? Just kidding. Great article.

crak-a-bottle (author)Johntron2009-07-05

hey thats not a bad idea . . . i think i have 20 five-year-olds in a cuboard somewhere i could use for that . . .

austin (author)2006-06-26

thats ingenious now i just need a pack of five years old to make one for me

well thats what the educational system was founded for. cheap labor. ever wonder why they make so many lanyards??


i don't know why that made me laugh so much, but it did. thankyou.


ring wraith159 (author)2009-06-05

this is sweet man the best dragon ever...

padolf (author)2008-02-04

We followed the instructions and made this dragon for a knight bday party. It turned out great! Thank you!

Tigger46 (author)padolf2008-02-04

Your welcome! I'm glad it turned out so well for you!

DragonsCat (author)2008-01-04

This is very cute - I would have loved to do something like this in elementary school (even if I did always feel kinda sick having to touch icky paper mache goop)! I'm going to have to show it to my mom. Yeah, a music teacher wouldn't really have much opportunity to make a dragon, but she might know some other teachers who would get a kick out of it!

royrules10 (author)2007-06-07

how do i do the wings. good site!

royrules10 (author)2007-06-07

What is used for the legs? Every other bit is great!

royrules10 (author)2007-06-01

Can you write a page with the materials? Thanks P.S. Great site!

foobear (author)2006-09-24

It's beautiful. How did you make the paper mache?

Temperance (author)foobear2007-05-02

Papier mache is basically strips/pieces of newspaper soaked in a mixture of flour and water (equal parts). Papier mache sculptures (or more often vases, cups for pencil holders, etc.) are a very common art project for elementary school. I remember working with it . I loved art in elementary school.

Temperance (author)Temperance2007-05-02

Oh, by the way, in elementary schools, I think the papier mache paste is actually made out of equal parts glue (elmer's) and water. That definitely keeps longer- flour can develop mold.

that is very cool!

krusty (author)2006-06-26

WOW!! This is outstanding :) Very very cool. Great instructable, thanks for sharing!

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