Step 10: Lastly...

Hang your dragon in a large picture window. Or enter him into a county fair or art contest So that the 20 five year old artists will have a great memory of their first step in their academic careers!
I'm about to do this project with a large S2 class. We have just completed the novel, 'The Hobbit' and alongside the essay and creative writing, I though this would prove a little more exciting for the kids. Thanks for posting :) <br>
I really like the simple design of the head. Nice work!
More creatures? BTW, Nice job; wish educators in my day did these things :)
Oh! You mean you don't build the dragon OUT OF five-year-olds? Just kidding. Great article.
hey thats not a bad idea . . . i think i have 20 five-year-olds in a cuboard somewhere i could use for that . . .
thats ingenious now i just need a pack of five years old to make one for me
well thats what the educational system was founded for. cheap labor. ever wonder why they make so many lanyards??
hahahahahahahahahaha.<br/><br/>i don't know why that made me laugh so much, but it did. thankyou.<br/><br/>=]<br/>
this is sweet man the best dragon ever...
We followed the instructions and made this dragon for a knight bday party. It turned out great! Thank you!
Your welcome! I'm glad it turned out so well for you!
This is very cute - I would have loved to do something like this in elementary school (even if I did always feel kinda sick having to touch icky paper mache goop)! I'm going to have to show it to my mom. Yeah, a music teacher wouldn't really have much opportunity to make a dragon, but she might know some other teachers who would get a kick out of it!
how do i do the wings. good site!
What is used for the legs? Every other bit is great!
Can you write a page with the materials? Thanks P.S. Great site!
It's beautiful. How did you make the paper mache?
Papier mache is basically strips/pieces of newspaper soaked in a mixture of flour and water (equal parts). Papier mache sculptures (or more often vases, cups for pencil holders, etc.) are a very common art project for elementary school. I remember working with it . I loved art in elementary school.
Oh, by the way, in elementary schools, I think the papier mache paste is actually made out of equal parts glue (elmer's) and water. That definitely keeps longer- flour can develop mold.
that is very cool!
WOW!! This is outstanding :) Very very cool. Great instructable, thanks for sharing!

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