I have wanted to replace my TV unit for quite some time and finally got round to doing it this week. The new TV unit is a modular shape that is fairly simple to assemble, and I added some steel mesh to the doors.

Step 1: You Will Need:

2 450 1600 16mm mdf top/bottom
4 450 468 16mm mdf sides/uprights
2 500 500 16mm mdf doors
2 450 600 16mm mdf shelves
Steel mesh for doors (at a steel merchant)
Cable pins
4 of medium butt hinges and small screws
2 roller catches for doors
Wood filler
120- and 240-grit sanding pads
2 of Rust-Oleum satin canyon black spray paint
Small tin white acrylic PVA
6 of brushed satin legs or feet
Drill/Driver plus assorted bits
Countersink bit
Orbital or Random Orbit sander
Angle grinder or Dremel MultiTool and cutting disk
Gloves and goggles
Corner clamps
Tape measure and pencil
How much do estimate the cost was?
I used a single sheet of MDF, 6 legs and a few small accessories that cost around ZAR600. The steel mesh for the door was the most expensive at ZAR100.
Very nice direction! Once I convert from mm to inches I will get right on it :)

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