Ciao, ho costruito un carrello per portare le vivande a tavola, con piatti, bicchieri e bevande.
E' molto facile da costruire, io ho usato una vecchia sedia rotta tipo regista, due vecchi vassoi, e quattro ruote pivottanti.
Inoltre ho usato della vernice spray nera per colorare tutto il telaio.
Buona visione.

Hello, I built a cart to bring the food to the table, with plates, glasses and drinks.
It 's very easy to build, I used an old broken chair type director, two old trays, and four swivel casters.
I also used the black spray paint to color the whole frame.
Good vision.

Step 1:

These are two old trays

Step 2:

Removethe fabricfrom the chair andcut the twovertical tubes

Step 3:

painted withblackcolorspraythe entire hotel andsecure the twotrayswith rivets

Step 4:

this isthe truckover!
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ok... thanks for the advice!

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