Step 10: Making the mold

Picture of Making the mold
If you don't want to make a mold, just some metal blobs (ingots), you can pour the molten aluminum into a muffin tin. The ingots can be re-melted later if you need the metal.

Making a sand mold is easy. All you need is some sand and a way to imprint a design in it.

You could do this with a stick or something, but it probably wouldn't turn out well. I find you get the best results when you use something with a 3-D pattern on it. In this instance I used some pottery, I found at the flea market.

If you have a friend (or friends) working with you, they could make a cool design, while you melt the metal.

Now all that's left to do is prepare your work-space.
Kurt_4 years ago
Sand Casting actually involves clay to stabilize the sand so it doesn't crumble, and so you can have a two-piece mold like in industrial uses.

Other than that, nice instructable. It's ghetto-tastic, just the way I like it!

Read how to make casting sand here:
you could also make plaster molds and cast in that