Step 15: Come on...

...lets be honest with ourselves, you know you loved this instructable, I know you loved this instructable, we both know you loved this instructable. So why are we playing this game? Stop playing coy and vote for this instructable!

Seriously though, the laser cutter would be put to good use.
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Gilderod7 months ago

Excellent instructable!

that is cool. I might try that.
jadronx1 year ago
Wonderful instructable! Aside from the lack of face shield that is. I am excited to see what new designs you come up with.
cd415 years ago
You could use the laser cutter to cut a better setup(i am not sure if they cut what your using.
chirman23 cd415 years ago
Its called a plasma cutter and there very expensive so its not a very good remedy.
yofortune5 years ago
good job! ill have to try it thank alot! im voting